B&D’s Melee Hall announces second show, fundraiser for Mayhem in Muncie 3

B&D’s Melee Hall, a new all ages concert venue in Muncie, officially announced their second show, scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2015 at 7 p.m. The show will serve as a fundraiser for Mayhem in Muncie 3, an all-day music festival on May 30, 2015 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

B&D’s Melee Hall fundraiser show will feature five local bands: Man With A Gun, Bloodwake, Villisca, This Is A Lifetime, and The Convalescence.

All five bands have agreed to perform at the show for free so that all proceeds will be given to Justin Zacharias, host of Mayhem in Muncie 3. In order to raise additional proceeds for the cause, B&D’s will also be selling bottled water, said Buddy Geesaman, co-owner of B&D’s Melee Hall.

“Justin is doing a great service to all musicians and bands. My band has played Mayhem in Muncie all three years and I’m absolutely stoked I can give back to him,” said Geesaman.

“I know some of the older dudes involved in the Muncie scene are cooperating and very focused on making this the best year yet for Mayhem in Muncie,” said Elijah Dale, vocalist of Archives.

The fundraiser hopes to promote Mayhem in Muncie 3 but also give bands that couldn’t fit in the schedule for the festival a chance to play together, said Zacharias.

“The fundraiser will allow B&D to have another killer show and will give us the chance to show Muncie and the surrounding areas our music scene isn’t dead, it just needs some revitalization,” said Zacharias.

Zacharias said proceeds raised at the fundraiser will help to pay for local police and private security at the event, as his contract with the Delaware County Fairgrounds require police and security to be present.

“This fundraiser supports the idea I’ve always had about the local scene: we are one big ass family and everything we do impacts and helps each other no matter what. It’s a family thing, we are all musical brethren,” said Zacharias.

“Indiana local musicians care about pulling together to create something bigger than their own band. I’ve met so many selfless, cause-driven people since I’ve been involved,” said Dale.

“We are all locals, no matter what part of the area we hail from, we are locals. Music is apart of everybody’s everyday life. A lot of people don’t realize what music could be being made in the garage down the road from their house. The passion, drive, and talent that surrounds me locally and in the Midwest is unbelievable! The supporters need to come out to the show so our scene will still flourish and so that locals can have a place to show off all of their hard work,” said Zacharias.


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