B&D’s Melee Hall, all ages concert venue set to open in April

The Muncie alternative music scene is alive and strong, and a large number of local bands from the area and surrounding areas are always looking for new venues to perform and expand their fan base. Thanks to the hard work of two musicians who are very familiar with the Muncie alternative music scene, a new concert venue is scheduled to open its doors for the first time in April.

B&D’s Melee Hall, located on 900 W. 8th St., Muncie, Ind., is the first all ages venue in Muncie to cater to the Muncie alternative music scene. On Feb. 11, an official announcement was made on the venue’s Facebook page that the grand opening would be on April 25, 2015 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The admission fee is going to start out on a minimal $5 donation.

“A primary all ages venue will strengthen the scene here a lot, and will finally give people a place to go where they feel at home. It’ll also make way for a new, younger crowd, because parents won’t have to worry about their kids going to a show at a venue that’s partially a bar,” said Trae Roberts, vocalist for Oceans Grey and bassist for Archives, two of Muncie’s popular local bands.

The grand opening will feature artists including All My Friends Are Dead, Inheritors, Archives, Hell Came Home, For This We Exist, Broadcast City, and Indianapolis local band now signed to Victory Records, Foreveratlast.

Buddy Geesaman, vocalist of Inheritors and good friend David Waudby are the co-owners of B&D’s Melee Hall. Both of the owners live in Eaton, Ind. but have a strong connection to the Muncie alternative music scene.

“I wanted to open the venue due to the fact that we have no venue dedicated to all ages. I wanted to bring a safe, alcohol and drug-free place for our younger fans,” said Geesaman.

“I was inspired to open the venue because of my love of music and being able to help the younger kids, or those who are interested in playing or just having a place to see live music,” said Waudby.

After launching the venue Facebook page in early February, the owners have received a large amount of positive feedback and support from friends, family, and other musicians and listeners. The page received over 330 likes within the first month after the launch.

B&D’s venue not only hopes to give members of the Muncie alternative music scene a safe and stable place to attend shows, but also wants to give back to the music community. The venue is allowing new bands to perform as show openers for more popular bands, in an effort to help the musicians spread their music and increase their fan base. Owners have also decided to allow a few select bands to use the venue as practice space when concerts are not scheduled.

Besides helping fellow musicians, the owners are offering free music lessons to kids who are unable to afford them. Lessons will include vocals, guitar, and drums, said Waudby. Geesaman is asking anyone who is interested to “donate your time to help the next generation of musicians.” The owners have also decided to allow artists to display their work at the venue for free.

“I have spent 19 years playing in bands; I know music saved me and some of my friends. I feel like somewhere, there’s a kid that’s just like us that needs this place. We can make a difference and hopefully change their life,” said Geesaman.


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