B&D’s Melee Hall Hosts Benefit Show for Muncie’s Animal Shelter

B&D’s Melee Hall is hosting a show tonight at 6:30 p.m. for not one, but two great causes. While collaborating with Marcy Kindred, the venue owners are donating half of the proceeds raised at the show to ARF, Muncie’s very own animal shelter.

The show will also serve as a reminder that everyone is welcome in the alternative music scene. This statement is especially relevant to those who were affected by Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill that allowed businesses to refuse service to customers based on their religious beliefs.

“My motivation to host this show is to move forward and give back, as the title says. I want to move forward from the prejudice and discrimination and give back to the community that showed me diversity and tolerance,” said Kindred.

The show will cost five dollars to attend but other donations are welcome. The event, titled “Move Forward, Give Back” will feature five bands, including The Talking Anteaters, The Almost Heroes, Void King, Dear Darla, and Monterrey.

In addition to donations given ARF, those who attend the show are encouraged to donate to Mayhem in Muncie’s host, Justin Zacharias, to assist with the necessary funds to hold the festival. A box will be available for the public to provide donations.

“People should attend this show to offer support to those who might not be getting it right now because of the RFRA’s passing and to help out dogs. Who the heck wouldn’t want to help out dogs while listening to five rad bands?” said Kindred.


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