B&D’s Melee Hall hosts benefit show for Oceans Grey to replace stolen equipment

This Saturday at 5 p.m., Muncie’s very own all ages venue, B&D’s Melee Hall, will host their third fundraiser show in an effort to help local band Oceans Grey replace their stolen equipment. Admittance to the show will cost five dollars.

While on tour with All My Friends Are Dead, the vehicle and trailer of Oceans Grey was parked outside of a hotel in Temple, Texas. The following morning, band members found their trailer broken into and a large amount of their equipment stolen. Among the stolen equipment was $300 worth of guitar pedals, $2,000 worth of cymbals, $400 bass drum pedals and two guitars.

Heartbroken but optimistic, Oceans Grey frontman Trae Roberts explains, “When we discovered that our trailer was broken into, we were definitely very upset but we did our best not to let it bring us down too much. We did what we could to finish out the tour.”

Shortly after returning home from the tour, Oceans Grey launched a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of collecting donations from those who care to help, in order to aid the band in purchasing replacement equipment. Anyone who donates $20 or more will receive an Oceans Grey t-shirt and patches. Currently, the band has raised almost $600.

In an attempt to reach their $2,000 goal quicker, B&D’s Melee Hall offered their venue with bands eagerly lining up to perform at the benefit show. Buddy Geesaman, co-owner of B&D’s Melee Hall and vocalist of Inheritors, said that the venue will pledge a minimum of 70 percent of the profits dependent on the show’s attendance.

“Local supporters should attend the show not only to keep Oceans Grey rolling, but to keep the new venue alive as well,” said Roberts.

Keeping community in mind, Geesaman stated, “The chance to help our friends means a lot to Inheritors. When terrible things like this occur, bands stand united and support each other, proving that we’re more than just a scene. We are a family, we care about one another, we care about our friends’ successes, and we want them to realize their dreams. I honestly believe that helps to make the scene better.”

The lineup for this show will include Inheritors, Archives, Oceans Grey, Plagued By Humanity, We Love You, Safe House, American Living, and Matt Enemy (Wants to Die).

“To be able to help one of my best friends in such an awesome and fun way is super rad. It means a lot to me and the rest of the guys in We Love You. If we had something like this happen to us, we know Oceans Grey and all the other bands in the scene would love to help us out,” said Travis Scriba, drummer of We Love You.

“Sometimes, we fall off track and forget that we are all working for a common goal. We all need to think about it like this: if one band makes it, it will shine a light onto this area. We have no room for jealousy or envy. Our friends, Oceans Grey, are in need. Those dudes are out there chasing their dreams and they have our support. I hope all of the musicians in the area come to the show and support them,” said Geesaman.

To RSVP to the event, click here.

To donate to the band’s GoFundMe campaign, click here.

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Edited by Lina Olsauskas


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