REVIEW: Oceans Grey Benefit Show at B&D’s Melee Hall, May 9, 2015

Last Saturday, B&D’s Melee Hall hosted another successful show, bringing together approximately fifty local supporters for one unforgettable night. By the end of the night, seven bands performed, one nose was broken, and according to Buddy Geesaman, co-owner of the venue, $200 was raised and given to the members of Oceans Grey to replace their equipment that was stolen while on tour.

The night started off with local rock band American Living, playing their very first B&D’s Melee Hall performance. American Living started the night off strong with an authentic sound and contagious energy.

Second to the stage was We Love You, Marion’s very own “emo cat lovers.” We Love You’s passionate music never fails to engage it’s audience, bringing out the “emo cat lover” in all of us.

Safe House was third to perform, pop punk band hailing from Indianapolis. With their highly anticipated debut EP, Finding Some Stability, set to release on May 19, the band performed several songs from the new release. The group also sold “bootleg” copies of the album at the show for three dollars.

Oceans Grey took the stage immediately after, giving an excellent performance to their fans and benefactors. The hardcore/metal band from Whiteland, Indiana performed a few songs from their debut EP, Simon Says. Oceans Grey finished off the performance with their popular cover of “Bulls On Parade”, originally performed by Rage Against The Machine.

The fifth band to perform was Plagued By Humanity, death metal/hardcore/slam group from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The group’s heavy sound erupted a crowd reaction that could not be topped.

Next to perform was Archives, metalcore band from Muncie, Indiana. The band performed several songs, some old and some new, including “Loveless.” The group’s newest song, “Graveyard” received a positive reaction from the audience.

Finishing off the night, Inheritors, melodic metal/hardcore dads from Eaton, Indiana was last, but not least, to take the stage. Since their first performance in over six months just a couple weeks earlier, the group showed even more improvement during their performance.

Just a few short weeks since the grand opening, B&D’s Melee Hall has become an important and respected installment in the East Central Indiana music scene. With summer kicking off, one can expect things to heat up at the venue as well, offering more shows and a place for all ages to hang out this summer.

For more high quality photography from your favorite local shows, check out Errick X Easterday on Facebook!

Photo: Oceans Grey, by Errick X Easterday

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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