A Guide To The Matter Fest 2015 Lineup

Matter Fest is only a week away, which means one thing: you’ve only got a week to learn about each band and memorize the lyrics of their greatest jams! Below, BRP has gathered the latest and greatest singles, songs, albums, and EPs from each artist and band featured on the festival lineup. Get educated and don’t forget to come hang out on Saturday!

ForeverAtLast – “Mr. Whitecoat”

Ghost Key – “Dismantle”

Church Tongue – “Ghost World”

Wicked World – “Save My Soul”

We Love You – “As Long As I Die By Your Side”

Oceans Grey – ‘Simon Says’

Archives – “Graveyard”

Sermos – ‘(husk)’

Guilt Trip – ‘Apprehended’

The Truth – ‘Heel/turn’

The Cambion – “The Ugly”

Inheritors – “Carrier”

Plagued By Humanity – ‘Bred Into Suffering’

Chin Up – ‘Mehen’

Disowner – “Thieves”

Chase Huglin – ‘Glow’

Grim State – ‘Post Traumatic Social Dysfunction’

Everyone Leaves – ‘The Great And Terrible’

Dependence – “Still.”

Hypewriter – “Quirk”

Chipped Teeth – ‘Born To Lose’

Dropkick – ‘Bottom Of The Food Chain’

All My Friends Are Dead – “Waypoints”

Pissed On – “Ill” & “Aggression” ft. Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose

Zealot – “Drained”

Blackwater – ‘Erase Scum’

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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