Matter Fest 2015: Q&A with We Love You’s Caleb Wade Lewis

Matter Fest 2015 is just a couple days away and the hype is out of control! This year’s the second year for the festival, and bands and fans are excited to see it come back bigger and better than ever before. We Love You, one of the many talented bands on the festival’s lineup, are playing their second year on the fest. BRP talked with We Love You’s guitarist/vocalist Caleb Wade Lewis to discuss what improvements he’s looking forward to, which bands he’s excited to see and what surprises We Love You have planned for their time to take the stage. Read on to hear what Lewis had to say, and don’t forget to catch We Love You this Saturday!

[Photo cred: Courtney Simms]

We Love You played at the first ever Matter Fest last year, and now you’re playing the second year as well. What improvements/changes are you looking forward to or expecting from the fest?
LEWIS: Last year’s sound wasn’t the greatest, so I’m really looking forward to bigger PAs and things sounding a ton better than last year. It’s also inside this year opposed to being outside last year. I’m not too keen on playing outside so this is a big improvement to me. I also think it will be a ton more organized, I remember showing up to the park and not having a clue exactly where the Fest was even happening [laughs]. Trae has done a kick ass job this year of getting his ducks in a row. Praise him!

Focusing on the band, what are you and guys planning to bring to this performance that differs from your other performances?
We have tons of new material we are planning to bring out for this show. Almost too much material [laughs]. We have a huge problem with writing too much. We’ve heard a lot of people say that our sound is very hollow live. We’ve worked very hard on achieving a very intense sounding set. Being that we are a three piece band and I’m the only guitarist, I really have to step my game up and fill out that second guitar that isn’t there. Overall I think we are just going to be a ton louder than our normal performances.

Who are you most excited to see at Matter Fest?
I’m extremely stoked to see Church Tongue again. I saw them for the first time at MSM Fest and they blew my freaking mind. I’m excited to see what shenanigans they will pull on stage this time [laughs]. Sermos and Plagued By Humanity are up there with [Church Tongue]. I’ve never seen either band so I’m probably most stoked to catch those guys.

Is there one particular band performing at Matter Fest that has inspired you and the band musically? Maybe they influenced your style, or even inspired you to start playing in the first place?
This isn’t so much an influence on our music, but I’m going to go back to Church Tongue. Those dudes really inspired me to just work hard as hell on mastering the tone of our band. They seriously have the best damn live sound around. After seeing them live, I really went back and rethought our guitar tones and the way our set flows together. I hope to one day sound as massive as they do.

Do you think having out-of-state bands playing the fest will bring a larger audience to the fest?
I think so. Chase Huglin is from Fort Wayne, but he definitely has a pull from pretty much anywhere he plays now. The dude is blowing up and I’m very stoked on that. He’s actually on tour with Dependence who’s pretty freaking incredible also. I know Ghost Key’s pretty big. I can see tons of people from neighboring states showing up to see them and falling in love with a lot of the bands Indiana has to offer.

Have you noticed there’s like a ‘sad-core’ revolution happening? Bands like Being As An Ocean, Moose Blood, the music is just sad and people love it, including myself [laughs].
I’ve seen it a lot lately. I’m a sucker for sad music and always have been, I’m not quite sure why. But there’s definitely a resurgence of sad music happening right now and I couldn’t be happier. There was once a time when you said your band was emo and people would scowl at you [laughs]. Now you tell someone that and they don’t even question it. WLY writes the exact kind of music I’ve always wanted to write. I’m glad I finally got the courage to do it now instead of a year from now when the kids have moved on to the next coolest thing [laughs].

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’d just like to inform everyone to show up at 1:00 p.m. and stay for the whole show. There’s a band for everyone no matter what you like. This isn’t something you want to miss. You’ll definitely regret it. BRP

We Love You

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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