“We are stepping away from All My Friends Are Dead.” AMFAD’s Chris Richter announces new music, new direction

Although the band need no introduction, All My Friends Are Dead are a melodic post-hardcore powerhouse hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years ago, they made their first appearance in Indiana and since then have managed to become a staple in their neighboring state’s music scene like no other. BRP caught up with Chris Richter, vocalist and founding member after a showcase and he had some exciting news that he wanted to share.

[Photo cred: Errick Easterday]

Last time we spoke, you were telling me that you guys have some big changes coming up. If you’d like, go ahead and give us all the rundown of what’s going on.
RICHTER:Well yeah man, we have some huge stuff coming up. We, as a band, have sat down and decided that we want to be more serious, more driven, and more put together.  So after almost five years, we are stepping away from All My Friends Are Dead and starting our next journey in music as Dead Friends.

That’s pretty huge, man. The rededication is awesome to hear, but what made you decide on such a big change?
Well, as real as it is man, this band has been going because I refused to let it go, so I powered through the years with many different members.  That makes it hard too. To ask these guys to give it their all in music they haven’t put themselves into.  This current record and all the stuff we had accomplished before is not of their hands, and I can’t ask them to accept that and step into those shoes and own it. That’s not real. It’s not fair.

That’s understandable and commendable of you to see it like that. So, where are you guys in the process? I mean, what kind of timeline are we looking at for all of this?
Quick man, we are not wasting any time. At. All. We are setting off for all this in October. We are already recording, already getting logos and merch set up. This is not going to be a slow process.

That is exciting, dude. Do you have a set date for the change?
Nothing is set in stone, but Dead Friends will be announced in October with music and music videos following. AMFAD still has content to be released too!

Damn, man. What is the plan for that? Will you guys release that as back catalog?
Our plan is to release the last bit of content and then leave it be. No more content, no more updates, nada. We will take the Facebook and change the name, leave the YouTube, iTunes and Spotify up so everyone can still enjoy the band they have grown to love. We would never ever take away all that progress and all those memories. We plan to make this change smooth and simple—nothing universally different.  So you can always check out the full length and all the old videos and stumble upon what the band has grown to be.

That’s good to hear. You guys have managed to amass a pretty strong following here, despite the fact that you’re from a pretty good distance away. What has that been like? How long have you guys been playing in central Indiana, and was the scene’s love for you guys something that took you by surprise?
Man, Indy was something we tackled just on a whim. If I could remember exactly what brought us that way I would tell you, but it was hard at first. That drive was just killer, but we started and couldn’t stop! It has been about two years of playing Indiana like it’s our hometown. We got there and the love we got was overwhelming. We felt like we mattered—like our music was loved and almost needed.  We have said hundreds of times that we see Indiana and those places and those fans as our home. We never get that kind of love and that kind of feeling when we play home. I’ll never forget when we played the bedroom of the vocalist from Archives and kids packed into that room and tore it up! That was the moment I knew these people really loved us.

I mean, you guys have been a force around here. There aren’t too many transplants that really seem to stick. I can attest to the fact that you guys go out of your way to create a real connection with the crowd at your shows. Do you think this has a lot to do with our scene’s love for you guys?
You know, that’s something I started to notice this last week or so that we just love to talk to fans, even if they never saw our set or not. It might be because we go out of our way to show appreciation and just connect or not, but I know that will never, ever stop. No matter what, we love to connect with the fan base in person or on the Internet. It’s the most fun when we are playing; we really, really love to mess around.

That’s definitely apparent. Our scene definitely celebrates bands that play hard, and love their fans. I don’t think I’m alone in my anticipation for this new direction, and I think it goes without saying that this scene will be behind you guys no matter what.
That’s means so much man. We are excited and terrified to make this change, and we know we are going to lose something. We know we are going gain so much more, and no matter what, at the end of the day we wouldn’t have anything if we never got that love and support from Indy and all the amazing bands and people we have encountered along the way.

Definitely dude. One last question, for a friend. What are the odds of hearing “New Year” at a show after October?
Very very high. Being Dead Friends won’t ever mean that AMFAD’s music won’t be around. The community is what made AMFAD. That community will never be restricted because we change. We won’t take away what you guys love. We won’t take away the old stuff ever. Plus dude, I fucking love playing “Motions” and “Strong Arm,” so we have to play them from time to time!

That’s great news man. I’m so excited to hear the new album, and to see the new energy level that all of this brings to your shows. I know it’s late, so I’ll go ahead and wrap it up. Thanks a lot for making time to do this, dude. People are gonna be so stoked.
It will have a whole new feel, man. I can’t wait to just show everyone!  But yeah dude, thanks so much. It was awesome and I’m glad we got to do this. It was killer, and I can’t wait for you to see the new stuff. We are playing it now. BRP

Written by Jordan Heath

Edited by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Photo by Errick Easterday


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