Jamboree Fest 2015 to feature Chase Huglin, Safe House, Oceans Grey, more this Saturday in Montpelier

This summer has offered one impressive festival after another—from Mayhem In Muncie, to MSMFest, to Matter Fest—featuring Indiana’s finest local bands and many talented musicians from outside of the Hoosier state. This Saturday, Jamboree Fest will wrap up a summer of unforgettable festivals, taking place in Montpelier as apart of the town’s Jamboree street fair.

Located on 136 W. Huntington St., the fest will kick off at 3:00 p.m. with Kerry Gagen and wrap up at midnight with Muncie’s very own Archives. Other bands and soloists scheduled to perform include Chase Huglin, Hogarth, Safe House, Oceans Grey, Dropkick, Plans, We Love You and The Cambion. The full lineup can be seen below.

“What makes Jamboree Fest so special is that it is 100 percent DIY. I pay for all of the expenses the donations do not cover. My goal with this fest is to make it as personal as possible. I want the music to be felt on an intimate level. I believe festivals like this one or Matter Fest influences others to start playing music and follow through with ambitions. I think that they can be a big inspiration to everyone, but especially high schoolers going through rough times,” said show host and promoter Travis Scriba.

Admission to the fest will be completely free, but attendees are welcome to make donations to Scriba to assist with any expenses he paid for out of pocket.

“Festivals like these bring the scene together as a family and they are seriously the most fun I have ever had,” said Scriba. “[Jamboree Fest] is 100% free to attend so that’s a win/win situation. On top of that, the environment is so beautiful. Live music, great people, new friends and it’s in the middle of a street fair!”

To RSVP to this event, click here.

Event Schedule:
3:00 Kerry Gagen
3:30 Pink Balloon
4:00 Laura K. Balke
4:30 Chase Huglin
5:00 Fallow Land
5:30 Hogarth
6:00 Safe House
6:30 Krelboyne
7:00 Anzio
7:30 Oceans Grey
8:00 Dropkick
8:30 Plans
9:00 Anna Sage
9:30 Continue The Story
10:00 We Love You
10:30 The Cambion
11:00 Archives


Interview by Jordan Heath

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Edited by Lina Olsauskas


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