A Guide To The Jamboree Fest 2015 Lineup

The wait is over—Jamboree Fest is tomorrow! You know what that means: it’s time to get to know this incredible lineup. Below, BRP has collected some of the best recordings from each of the bands on this massive festival. Learn the words, come out Saturday and scream along!

Chase Huglin – “Your New Boy”

Anna Sage – “Grenada” 

We Love You – “As Long As I Die By Your Side” 

The Cambion – “The Ugly”

Dropkick – ‘Bottom Of The Food Chain’

Anzio – Sun Room Session

Laura K. Balke – “True North”

Oceans Grey – ‘Simon Says’

Safe House – “Pass The Blame”

Pink Balloon Band – ‘PBB’

Fallow Land – “Are All My Bad Decisions Rock and Roll?”

Archives – “Graveyard”

Continue the Story – “Clouded”

Krelboyne – ‘Linger || The Light Fades’

Hogarth – “Shelter”

The Kalley Brothers

To RSVP to this event, click here.

Written by Jordan Heath


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