Jamboree Fest 2015 offered slams, sad jams, Star Wars and “unexpected” John Cena

Jamboree Fest wrapped up a summer of excellent festivals and shows for the Indiana music scene. The event drew several bands from neighboring states such as Illinois and Michigan and others not far from their hometown. The stage sat in the midst of Montpelier’s street fair, which not only allowed for easy access to carnival food but also the perfect opportunity to scare “normal people” with a taste of the scene’s “unique” genres of music. I mean, did you see those biker dudes during Fallow Land’s set?

Although funnel cakes and abnormally large corn dogs are tempting, the most attractive aspect of this fest was its variety of musicians and genres. Fresh, new bands such as Anzio and Fallow Land played alongside some of East Central Indiana’s finest locals, including Archives and We Love You. Attendees sang along to Safe House’s classic tunes, then kicked it with bands they maybe haven’t seen or heard of before. Overall—a must-see event.

Fallow Land, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan performed an electrifying set with vocalist Whit Fineberg leading the charge. Although deceptively quiet offstage, the band had no issue capturing the audience’s attention with the first note and holding it until the last chord. If you missed Fallow Land at the fest, check ‘em out here.

Following Fallow Land was Hogarth, performing in their hometown of Montpelier. Do not underestimate this three-piece band—this musical powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with, made up of familiar music scene members Cj Jones, Trae Roberts and Travis Scriba. The audience knew what to expect before the band even took the stage—a passionate and well-executed performance fluent from one song to the next. Hogarth might be new to the scene, but it’s just a matter of time until they dominate every show lineup to come.

Shortly after, Anzio took the stage and undoubtedly gained quite a few new fans from their audience. Traveling all the way from Rockford, Illinois, the guys in Anzio play some serious music but lightened the mood by cracking a few jokes between each song. Anzio’s set was everything an attendee could ask for: Star Wars dialogue, “unexpected” John Cena and mind-blowing jams coupled with an unforgettable stage presence. As far as the lineup of bands new to the Indiana scene goes, Anzio takes the gold for the best set.

Later that day, Plans performed, and as vocalist Cody Almond perfectly summed up: “We’re the saddest band you’ve never heard of.” Originally from Indianapolis, Plans is slowly taking the scene by storm one show at a time with their depressingly addictive jams. With no Facebook page, no recordings and no merch, this band is  mystery, but a mystery we can’t get enough of. Facebook and merch aside, Plans is pulling large crowds with audience members already memorizing the lyrics to “Answering Machine.” You can bet by the time Plans’ merch is printed, it will sell out. As soon as their music is recorded, it will blow up. And as soon as the band gets on the Facebook train, we’ll all be following to see what they have in store for us next.

Jamboree offered up many talented acts, from slams to sad jams. However, the best part of the night wasn’t just the music or the brief golf cart glowstick parade (yeah, that happened), there was an even deeper underlying cause. Throughout the night, donations were raised for show host Travis Scriba and Kelsie Ring, a friend of the scene who suffered terrible injuries from a motorcycle accident. From donations, merch sales and intense games of Super Smash Bros., Hogarth and its members raised nearly $300 for Kelsie and her recovery.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can donate to Kelsie here. Don’t forget to RSVP to both benefit shows for Kelsie, coming up in October and featuring Indiana locals Sermos, We Love You, Guilt Trip, Oceans Grey, Archives and many more!

Benefit Show for Kelsie Ring PT. 1
Benefit Show for Kelsie Ring PT. 2

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Edited by Lina Olsauskas

Photo by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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