BRP’s Lauren Van Houwe sat down with the boys in Truth In Time, an up and coming five-piece post-hardcore outfit from Peoria, Illinois to discuss the band’s history and what they have in store for us next. The band’s members include vocalist Cole Johnson, guitarists Neil Patrick Ice and Cory Blankenship, bassist Nic Toland and drummer Aaron Toland.

[Photo cred: Corey Garrett]

How did you all meet?
A. TOLAND: We were all in different local bands back in the day, aka circa 2009. We all used to play shows together and when Neil and I started writing for Truth In Time, we made some lovely phone calls and the rest is history [laughs].
N. TOLAND: Aaron, Cole, and myself grew up together. I met Cory from playing shows with Last N Line from my former band. I met Neil later on when he Aaron and Cole were in Remedy To An End.

Who came up with the name?
ICE: Aaron’s tattoo.
A. TOLAND: It’s always been said that the truth will always come out in the end [laughs]. It started being applied to my life more than I really wanted it to so I came up with a logo and put the words ‘Truth In Time’ to it.

“To be honest, we’re just here to play music and to have a good time doing it. We enjoy being those goofy dudes,” said vocalist Cole Johnson.

So I know you guys waited a while to play a show, why was it so much on the down low?
A. TOLAND: It was on the down low because we didn’t want to rush any of it. None of us were in any bit of a hurry whatsoever.
N. TOLAND: We really wanted to make sure we were happy with what we sounded like before showing many others. We also really wanted the anticipation which is why we released a few songs at a time and a digital copy of The Beginning.
BLANKENSHIP: We simply wanted to deliver the best music product that we could during our live shows. By perfecting our individual parts and intricate timing, we were able to accomplish what we wanted while constantly making progress.

So from my understanding, you guys have an eight-song full length out now?
ICE: Yes! It’s called The Beginning.

Where is it available?
N. TOLAND: On our Bandcamp! [listed below]

Also, you guys have a music video out? Tell us about that: when it was released, what made you choose that song, how long did it take to film, etc.
N. TOLAND: it took one night to film and it was at [Aaron’s] twenty-third birthday party. It was a crazy night.
A. TOLAND: It was the song we were most comfortable with.

So you’ve only played two shows and since you waited to release a full length before your first show, does that mean you guys have a guarantee that you need money from the certain event or do you just take shows that you can play and do them no matter what?
BLANKENSHIP: We are working under a contract for live performances in order to improve our fan base and show opportunities.  By limiting the amount of live shows we do for free or at a low cost, we are able to provide a better experience for the audience while maintaining a profit for merchandise and the next set of recordings.
ICE: We are under contract for every show we play unless we negotiate otherwise. But yes, we have a guarantee set for every show. And as far as money goes, it is set upon how far we have to travel.

What if it’s in Peoria? That’s like where you all are from, correct?
ICE: If we played for free locally, everyone would want us to play a show. Putting a price tag on performance doesn’t make us sellouts. If anything, it makes the worth of waiting for us to play that much better. Mostly because we aren’t playing every weekend in Peoria. So our fans and other audiences aren’t getting tired of hearing the ‘same old, same old.’

“Putting a price tag on performance doesn’t make us sellouts. If anything, it makes the worth of waiting for us to play that much better.”

So basically, you picked the contract way as structure? 
BLANKENSHIP: Yes, we truly value what we do and want to achieve success in the music industry.
ICE: To some degree, more or less. One day, this will be our full time job and as of right now, it’s a part time job. And let’s face it, not everyone works for free.

What’s your main goal for the rest of 2015 for this band?
A. TOLAND: For one, getting hard copies of our album and t-shirts available to our fans is priority right now. Next on the list is writing even more material for our next CDs. Actually, hopefully all kinds of merchandise.

Where did you guys record your first full length? Was it DIY?
ICE: My living room.

So this whole project was homemade in a sense because it didn’t ever touch a studio?
N. TOLAND: We took a lot of opinions from close musician friends into consideration. Our friend Shane Jones was a big help to me personally on “7 Years Later.”
A. TOLAND: The only outsider opinions we had on the album was from close friends and family.

Sick. Well that’s cool. When can we expect something new to come out?
A. TOLAND: We literally have so much new material, it’s not even funny. We may release a new song by the end of the year, but who knows. Might make everyone wait a little bit longer to build some suspense [laughs].
ICE: To be honest, we started writing the second album before the first was even finished [laughs]. BRP

Check out Truth In Time:
Instagram: @truthintimeband

Written by Lauren Van Houwe

Edited by Chelsea Renee Scofield

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