Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Fallow Land may have found their home in the scene just a few short months ago, but the guys are already making waves with their electric performances that demand the attention of their audience. Whit Fineberg, Evan Veasey, Caelin Amin and Armand Terrell sat down with BRP’s Chelsea Renee Scofield for an interesting chat about the meaning behind the band’s name, how the guys all met and most importantly, their weirdest touring habits. Listen to the band’s single and check out the interview below!

So, let’s start with your band’s beginnings. How did you all meet, and why did you choose to form the band?
AMIN: I met Whit and Armand through Evan because he recommended me for some gigs with them last year.
FINEBERG: So basically I had just finished playing with my old Band Bad Television and I was writing a bunch of tunes, but they were a bit more technically intricate than Bad Television’s stuff. And everyone in the current line-up is a tasteful musician who can play more difficult stuff, so I kinda met them all through their different projects and it just worked out.

So, the rest of you were also involved in other bands prior to Fallow Land?
VEASEY: Yep and we also all have our own side projects. Caelin and I were in Wake Up Jeff.
TERRELL: Yes, I was the drummer for a local band called Arbor Reign.
AMIN: I played in a band from metro Detroit in high school and now I’m working on a math rock project.

Did you guys leave those bands for Fallow Land or did things just fall into place?
VEASEY: We all were just able to make time for this, so we did it!
AMIN: We still do our projects when we have time, but at the moment Fallow Land’s probably my biggest commitment.
TERRELL: Things sort of just fell into place for me, personally. I was nearing the end of Arbor Reign and this seemed to be a step up in the right direction.
FINEBERG: I have a few other projects, but Fallow Land is definitely my most consistent thing.

As far as the writing process, who writes the music?
FINEBERG: I kinda write the skeletons and everyone kinda fleshes the songs out.

Does that include lyrics and music?
FINEBERG: Yeah, everyone contributes a bit to the musical writing. Sometimes I have parts in mind, sometimes I just kinda wanna see what people bring to the table.
VEASEY: We all bring that special little funky seasoning.

So, you guys currently have one song recorded at the moment. What’s the word on your future recording process? You’re recording now, correct?
AMIN: We are in the process of recording demos right now at the Duderstadt Center on University of Michigan’s campus.
FINEBERG: They are going to turn into an EP this winter.
VEASEY: Then, we are recording the real deal this winter.
TERRELL: We are recording demos at the moment. But, along with recording and the EP goes, we have some cool news—can’t disclose it yet though.
FINEBERG: We are kinda shopping it around to a few producers to see who we’re gonna work with.

Since you’re busy with recording, will the band be doing any touring or gigs for the next couple months?
FINEBERG: Sadly, we can’t tour as much as I’d like cause these guys are all in school. We’ll play a few out of state shows, but nothing extensive until this summer.
AMIN: But this summer will see things back in full swing.
VEASEY: Yep, we are just trying to keep it all in balance.

Where are you guys hoping to venture to this summer?
FINEBERG: Hopefully we’ll get out to New York and further south this time around.

Any states in particular that you’re stoked to visit?
AMIN: Everywhere outside the Midwest for me.
VEASEY: Real talk, I think Massachusetts would be cool.
FINEBERG: Honestly I love Muncie, Indiana.
TERRELL: I really want to hit Cali!
FINEBERG: We’ve got some pals who kill it in Cali so it’d be cool to get out there for sure.

So, where did you guys get the band name?
FINEBERG: Basically I was trying to figure out a name that described our sound and I came up with Barren Landscapes, which turned into Fallow Land.

How would you describe your sound then?
AMIN: Sad, loud and proud.
FINEBERG: Existential Space Pop is the term we’re coining.

What are three fun facts that your fans don’t typically know about you guys?
TERRELL: I am a huge fan of the Weeknd and Coldplay. I have side project that sorta draws sound from both of them—it’s called PSEVDOS.
AMIN: I have a mind connection with Armand because we are besties.
TERRELL: Yeah, we have premonitions about each other. Also when playing in the band setting we just do things that work without thinking about it. It’s our version of a sixth sense.
FINEBERG: We have rap battles on the road. They get intense and hurtful.
AMIN: The only winner of those battles is shame.

If each of you were taking a trip to Mars and you could only take one thing, what would you take?
TERRELL: I’d be a god on Mars so everything would be provided. But, I’d take my son along for the ride.
VEASEY: Funyuns for everyone. Also a clone of Armand.
AMIN: But an evil clone though.
VEASEY: A cactus.
FINEBERG: I’d bring Armand in cactus form. I’d trim it up to look like him and dress it and it would be my only friend.

So, since you guys just recently went on tour, I’m sure you’ve gotten to know each other well, maybe too well. So, what’s the weirdest habit that each of you has?
TERRELL: Evan eats too much.
AMIN: Evan talks in his sleep.
VEASEY: Armand is also a fire mc and Whit is a compulsive groomer.
AMIN: We see you, grooming and shit.
FINEBERG: Evan’s just saying that cause he doesn’t shower on tour [laughs].
VEASEY: You are just lying now, I was in the top two bathers.
TERRELL: Evan eats all the mac and cheese and then wants more food and we are like, “Fuck, I wish I had food. Oh wait.”
FINEBERG: Caelin comes up with restaurant names.
AMIN: Great Wall Irish Pub. O’Hallahans Pad Thai. BRP

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Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield