7th Society Raises Hell at Royal Skate Shop

Last Saturday, 7th Society presented Raising Hell Fest, its first all-hardcore show at Royal Skate Shop in Lansing, Illinois, featuring bands from Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Eastern Illinois. Royal’s was packed with roughly fifty local supporters who experienced a show they won’t soon forget.

[Photo cred: Kels Alonzo]

The show opened with LxVxC, hailing from Chicago Heights. Being the only band with a female vocalist on the entire lineup, the crowd was in for a treat. Starting with deep pig squeals followed by intense screaming, this new three-piece was impressive.

Next to the stage was Cut Ties, a relatively new hardcore band hailing from Chicago. Although the band had just begun earlier this year, they’re taking the scene by storm with strong lyrics and instrumentation. Prior to the show, Cut Ties had just released a new single, titled “Hopesick” off their upcoming EP, The Price of Life.

Following Cut Ties were Perpetual Defilement, a deathcore band from Chicago. The band released their EP, Helix in August of this year, which includes of their more popular songs, titled “Lord Helix,” a favorite for Pokemon nerds.

Little Village’s very own Through N Through were the next on the bill. Filling in for Muncie’s Archives, the band jumped on last minute, and came out swinging with the release of their newest EP, Defend. The EP contains two of their most popular songs, “Cut the Shit” and “Power.”

Her Eyes Glazed Over were next to perform. From their hometown of Lake Station, this five-piece deathcore band offered their audience a satisfying performance. The band released their latest EP, The Apocalypse in late August of this year, including songs such as “Doomsday” and “F.U.C.K.”

The newest addition to Northwest Indiana metal scene, known as Sleep Therapy were next to play. This six-piece band has their own unique style, presented both through their music and live performance. The band first released their single “Lifeless” in March 2015, then dropped their self-titled EP in mid-July, featuring “Consumed By Hate” and “False Reality.”

The second to last band to hit the stage was one that couldn’t be missed. Hailing from Joliet, grindcore band Torso has a vocalist, bassist, guitarist and drummer. What sets Torso apart, however, is that their drummer is also their vocalist. The band’s songs last only thirty seconds to a minute and a half, with lyrics that will make you want to beat up your best friend. Torso currently has a full-length EP out, titled Armless, which was released earlier this year. Their first music video for their song “The Cell” was dropped earlier this month.

Corruptor, Crown Point’s six-piece metal band, were the last band to hit the stage and undoubtedly drew the most attention. The band hasn’t made a stage appearance since December of last year but nevertheless, supporters were not disappointed. The band released their latest single “Anxiety” last year and played several of their older jams. Corruptor have been revived and fans everywhere are hoping for new music and more live performances in the near future.

Royal Skate Shop is a very popular venue, especially for local bands within the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland scene. The next few shows will be taking place at Big Shots in South Haven, the first of which will feature Bless The Fall, Stick To Your Guns and Emarosa on Friday, November 13.

BRP would like to give a special thanks to the 7th Society for putting on a killer show, Jake Anderson and Michael Robinson for helping with this lineup and putting this together, Royal Skate Shop for providing an amazing venue and all the bands and supporters for coming together and sticking around!


Written by Kels Alonzo

Edited by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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