The Schnauzer Shack to host ‘Christmas For The Kids’ benefit show this Saturday

This upcoming Saturday, Montpelier’s new DIY house venue The Schnauzer Shack will host Christmas For The Kids, a benefit show in which all proceeds collected from admission will go towards purchasing toys for a family in need this holiday season. The show, kicking off at 4:00 p.m., features Bungler, Great Grief (formerly Icarus), Oceans Grey, Hypewriter, Dropkick, Among The Brave, Noesis and Wolfridge. Admission to the benefit will cost eight dollars.

Christmas For The Kids not only stands apart because of its cause, but also because it’s Oceans Grey’s last show at least until the end of 2015—the band is taking a break before their big release coming up next year. If that’s not enough to convince local supporters, the band mentioned shooting live footage during their set for a video, and if the crowd gets wild, showgoers might have a shot at free OG merch. On top of that, Oceans Grey are performing a cover of “Testify,” by Rage Against The Machine. Need I say more?

The event, originally set to take place in Converse, was recently moved to The Schnauzer Shack to avoid venue fees and allow for the most money raised possible. In addition to the admission price, attendees are encouraged to bring toys to donate as well.

The best part? The family chosen to receive these toys, which includes eight children ranging from 6 months to 14 years, are completely unaware of the event and its cause. Not only does the show offer a stacked lineup that can’t be missed, it’s the perfect chance for the music scene to give one family a memorable Christmas.

Come out this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. to The Schnauzer Shack, located on 104 W. Windsor Street in Montpelier, for a great show with a great cause. Free food will be provided as well!


Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield


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