Crewneck unleash explosive new album, ‘Smile’

Dayton, Ohio’s Crewneck are giving their fans the best Valentine’s gift of all: a brand new album.

The album, titled Smile, was released earlier today, including four songs: “Sty,” “Cry,” “Die,” and “Con,” featuring Ian Nix of WVRM. Grab you digital copy of Smile here.

This one’s for all you lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day ♥,” said vocalist/guitarist Cody Davidson.

Earlier this month, Crewneck released “Might As Well,” a single featuring Street Rat’s Dallas Garris. Check it out below.

Written by Chelsea Scofield

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Lavender shines with creativity and thoughtful instrumentation on ‘New Shade’

Lavender, a three-piece emo/shoegaze band from St. Louis, Missouri, released their debut EP, New Shade, earlier today, featuring five tracks: “Bad Skin,” “I’m Away,” “Choke,” “Failed Attempt,” and “Rot.” If you’re looking for your grunge fix, look no further.

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We rate it: 4.5 / 5 stars
Favorite track: “Rot”

New Shade shines with creativity, primarily through its instrumentation. The EP’s composition might appear simple at first listen, but its contents are much more thought out than they seem. Undoubtedly, New Shade will justify Lavender as a respectable edition to the never ending genre of grunge, which, by the way, never fails to bring the rock ‘n’ roll.

Recently, Lavender unveiled a music video for their song, “Rot.” Check it out below.

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stop.drop.rewind. offer a stunning, mature sound on ‘Polarity’ EP

What happens when emo kids grow up and acqure jazz degrees? Stop.drop.rewind happens.

Stop.drop.rewind., a progressive/powerpop band from Valparaiso, Indiana, have supplied sad, catchy jams to their fans since 2009. The three-piece band released two previous EPs, Part Of The Whole (2012) and Smoke Signals (2014), which both combined powerful lyrics with beautiful instrumentation.

[Photo cred: Kelsie Lunsford]

With a flavorful mix of jazz, indie, alternative, and pop, the guys worked together to create a stunning, melodic sound found on their brand new EP, Polarity. The EP is the band’s first release to feature their newest member, drummer Andy Sutton. Kris Lohn and DJ Cranston were the original members, jamming together since 2000. Since the release of their two prior EPs, the band offers a fuller, more mature sound.

Polarity has jams that will make you emotional, and others that will make you want to push-mosh your best friends. The first song, “Bottomless,” starts the EP off strong. The fast paced riffs and epic guitar solos will keep you hooked.

The second track, “Guts,” starts off mysterious, then progresses into an intense, melodic harmony. “Guts” was the first song SDR released to the public, most likely being their most popular track.

The fourth track, “Super Solider,” is also notable. With it’s catchy and well-written chorus, “Super Solider” will get stuck in your head, and you won’t even be mad about it.

The last song on the EP, “Quicksand,” has a very distinct opening, and continues to live up to the high expectations set by the previous songs. SDR made an excellent decision leaving “Quicksand” until the end, causing the EP to end just as strong as it began.

Polarity is out now, available for purchase as digital download and physical copies. Don’t miss the band’s EP release show tonight, Febraury 12, at the Franklin House in Valparaiso, Indiana for any fans 21 and over. All fans under 21 are encouraged to attend the band’s additional EP release show at Royal Skate Shop in Lansing, IL on February 20th at 5:30pm.

For more information, check out the band’s website!


Written by Kelsie Lunsford

Edited by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Photo by Kelsie Lunsford

Undeserving reveal three-way split with Surrenderson and New Lives

Illinois rock dads Undeserving have announced the release of their three-way split with fellow Illinois band Surrenderson and New Lives, from Missouri. The split, set to release February 7 through Sunday Drive Records, is now available for pre-order.

[Photo cred: Easterdaily]

Guitarist Greg Tracy explains: “Doing a split like this is always super cool. The fact that we’re doing it with some of our best friends and bands makes it even more rad. I’m really looking forward to finally having some sort of physical release for Undeserving. This is just one of many goals we wanted to accomplish during our break from shows this month. Also, a big thank you to Sunday drive records for doing cool things like this. We love supporting DIY and small labels, and we love getting support back.”

The split is available on cassette tape in green tint (Undeserving Exclusive Variant), purple tint, (New Lives Exclusive Variant) and clear (Surrenderson Exclusive Variant). With the purchase of this split, fans will also receive a digital download card, Sunday Drive Records sticker, SDR 1″ button, SDR newsletter, business cards and a handwritten thank you card. Track listing, album artwork, and a photo of the tapes are shown below.

Pre-order yours here.

Track List:
1. Degenerate
2. Blue Jean
3. Home



Written by Chelsea Scofield