Undeserving reveal three-way split with Surrenderson and New Lives

Illinois rock dads Undeserving have announced the release of their three-way split with fellow Illinois band Surrenderson and New Lives, from Missouri. The split, set to release February 7 through Sunday Drive Records, is now available for pre-order.

[Photo cred: Easterdaily]

Guitarist Greg Tracy explains: “Doing a split like this is always super cool. The fact that we’re doing it with some of our best friends and bands makes it even more rad. I’m really looking forward to finally having some sort of physical release for Undeserving. This is just one of many goals we wanted to accomplish during our break from shows this month. Also, a big thank you to Sunday drive records for doing cool things like this. We love supporting DIY and small labels, and we love getting support back.”

The split is available on cassette tape in green tint (Undeserving Exclusive Variant), purple tint, (New Lives Exclusive Variant) and clear (Surrenderson Exclusive Variant). With the purchase of this split, fans will also receive a digital download card, Sunday Drive Records sticker, SDR 1″ button, SDR newsletter, business cards and a handwritten thank you card. Track listing, album artwork, and a photo of the tapes are shown below.

Pre-order yours here.

Track List:
1. Degenerate
2. Blue Jean
3. Home



Written by Chelsea Scofield



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