Lavender shines with creativity and thoughtful instrumentation on ‘New Shade’

Lavender, a three-piece emo/shoegaze band from St. Louis, Missouri, released their debut EP, New Shade, earlier today, featuring five tracks: “Bad Skin,” “I’m Away,” “Choke,” “Failed Attempt,” and “Rot.” If you’re looking for your grunge fix, look no further.

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We rate it: 4.5 / 5 stars
Favorite track: “Rot”

New Shade shines with creativity, primarily through its instrumentation. The EP’s composition might appear simple at first listen, but its contents are much more thought out than they seem. Undoubtedly, New Shade will justify Lavender as a respectable edition to the never ending genre of grunge, which, by the way, never fails to bring the rock ‘n’ roll.

Recently, Lavender unveiled a music video for their song, “Rot.” Check it out below.

Written by Lauren Van Houwe

Edited by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Photos via Facebook


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