Hogarth unveil ‘lit’ video for “Directed”

To celebrate the band’s spring tour, Montpelier’s Hogarth surprised fans today with a brand new song and video, “Directed.” Shot and edited by Errick Easterday of Easterdaily, the video is set in a dark room, completely lit by clear Christmas lights. One could say it was “lit.”

[Photo cred: Errick Easterday]


“The concept of the song is about someone, or people who try to put the blame on someone else when clearly they are in the wrong for something they did,” said drummer Travis Scriba. “We recorded the video with our long time friend Errick Easterday, and it was a blast. Errick is very creative and we are incredibly stoked with his work.”

Hogarth embarked on their spring tour yesterday, kicking off near the band’s hometown in Marion, Indiana. Tonight, they’re performing their second show at the House of Representatives in Normal, Illinois. Don’t miss the band at a date near you, check out the tour poster below.


Written by Chelsea Scofield

Photo by Errick Easterday


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