Undeserving release “Sympathy”—a new jam for shoegaze fans

Bloomington, Illinois’ Undeserving released a new song today, titled “Sympathy.” The track is off of their upcoming self-titled EP, the band’s first release with Ghost Town Records. From new music to lineup changes, Undeserving have experienced it all in the last few months. BRP’s Chelsea Renee Scofield sat down with vocalist Christopher Biggs and guitarist Greg Tracy to discuss their impending EP, the new lineup, Title Fight covers and everything in between.

[Photo cred: Errick Easterday]

Explain the meaning behind “Sympathy” and why you chose to write and record the song.
BIGGS: Sympathy” is pretty straightforward, it’s one of the slower shoegaze songs off of the record [laughs]. When I wrote this song I was in a very dark place and I wanted to write about it. This song is about not feeling like you’re good enough to be with someone, so you change how you are to please that person.

What can you tell us about the upcoming EP? What can fans expect from it?
TRACY: A mix of influences and no one solid sound throughout. Part of this is due the fact that Undeserving and what we wanted to do was so different and new to us. We all come from bands that have never went for this sound before. The actual five-track EP was musically written in two days over a couple hours in my apartment.
   Not only were these songs written in a couple days, but it was almost a full year ago. So these are old songs finally being released. I wrote all the guitar and had Dalton start on drums. We’ve spent the last seven months playing these songs live since then. We never took the time to record because honestly we were to busy with playing shows.

You guys have been dropping hints about a possible record deal, what’s up with that?
BIGGS: We’ve been working with Ghost Town Records, based out of Wisconsin. They’re a start-up label doing some really cool stuff for some upcoming bands and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.


The band has faced some lineup changes lately, but that didn’t stop you guys. What can you tell us about these changes?
BIGGS: We’ve been going through some lineup changes with the recent departure of our second guitarist Kyle Hughes. I sing for the band, Dalton McKinley plays guitar, Greg Tracy plays guitar, Daniel Ledbetter (MethXDealer, Krelboyne) is on bass and Cory O’Connor plays drums for us. We also have Josh Kayne (PINE), who fills in for drums when Cory is not able to play.

The cassette for this release looks sick. Who did you work with to release this EP, and who was in charge of design?
BIGGS: This tape is being put out through Ghost Town Records and was designed by Eyetooth Collective, I believe. I had the idea of the grey with swirl to match the album art which was done by Trae Roberts (Hogarth, Bruise) while we were actually in the studio. We love that dude and he worked so hard making this sound exactly how we wanted. Big props to Trae—that man is a machine and every band he touches is gold. Shout out to Hogarth and Bruise. Solid ass bands.
We also had Derrick Goodson of No Victory design the tape sleeve for us. All the homies from the hardcore scene have helped us so much and we’re so grateful.

Serious question, are you guys going to cover Title Fight?
BIGGS: We’ve talked about covering Title Fight many times. We’ve even been accused of stealing Title Fight riffs, so we might as well [laughs].


Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Photos by Errick Easterday






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