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Kelsie Ring Benefit Shows offer performances by Chipped Teeth, Oceans Grey, We Love You, more

This weekend, local bands and their supporters will gather for two days of shows at two different locations, but with one goal in mind: raising as much money as possible for Kelsie Ring, the victim of a devastating motorcycle accident that occurred on August 15. She currently remains in a coma, and with the inevitability of expensive medical bills, she needs the help of her local music scene.

The first of two benefit shows will take place on Friday, October 2, at the Savage Yard in Indianapolis. Kicking off at 5:30 p.m., this show will feature Hogarth, Everyone Leaves, We Love You, Dropkick, Oceans Grey, Chipped Teeth, Guilt Trip and Sermos. Admission to this show will cost $10 and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Kelsie’s recovery fund. Chipped Teeth and Hogarth will have donation boxes at their merch tables for those who would like to donate more.

The second benefit show will be on the following day, Saturday, October 3, at Cj Jones’ home, 104 W. Windsor St. in Montpelier. Starting at 5:00 p.m., the garage bash will feature Continue The Story, Tall Tales, Hogarth, We Love You and Archives. Admission to this show will also cost $10 and all funds that are raised will go to Kelsie. In addition to the funds collected from admission, Archives and Tall Tales will be donating the profits from their merch sales to the cause as well.

The fact that the show Saturday is close to where Kelsie lived and is around where all of her friends and family live is helping the draw a lot, because I know that everyone in our small community wants to help as much as they can. I’m expecting most of the people there to be people who have never been to a show before. I think that that’s a good thing, because it will hopefully make more people aware that the music scene does exist around here and is very alive, and they’ll want to start coming to shows more often and add to our scene!” said Cj Jones, showhost and bassist of Hogarth.

Local supporters are encouraged to attend both shows in an effort to raise the most money possible. Members of the bands performing are also encouraged to donate the $10 entry fee. Baked goods and other foods may be available with profits being donated to the cause.

“The show’s for an amazing cause to help an amazing person who has their entire life ahead of them. The more money raised, the better chance she has at getting the care she needs so she can live the rest of her life happily and with as little restriction as possible,” said Jones.

For those who are interested in donating but are unable to attend the show, a GoFundMe is available for anyone who would like to help out. As of today, over $1000 has been raised—that’s more than halfway to the target goal of $2000.

“It’s incredible and almost unbelievable to me that so many people, including myself, are able to raise this money for Kelsie,” said Jones.

To RSVP to Kelsie Ring Benefit Show Pt. 1, click here.
To RSVP to Kelsie Ring Benefit Show Pt. 2, click here.

To donate to Kelsie’s GoFundMe, click here.



Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Conveyer, Ghost Key, Household, more to perform at The Hoosier Dome this Sunday

As the month of September kicked off, Conveyer’s album release tour embarked on a month-long trip, stopping in over 20 cities within the United States. This upcoming Sunday, September 27, Conveyer will wrap up the When Given Time To Grow tour at The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana, supported by Ghost Key, Household, New Heart, Guilt Trip, Safe House and From Cities Above. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and performances will begin at 6:30 p.m. Admission to the show will cost $12 at the door.

Although it might be the tour’s final day, showgoers can bet on an excellent performance showing no sign of exhaustion. Chris Bayless, guitarist of Ghost Key (No Sleep Records) said the band plans to leave it all on the stage, the perfect finish to a journey he described as “lit and wild.”

You can expect us to let out all of the energy we have left. We’ll be trying to end this tour on a good note and have some fun doing it,” said Bayless.

As an initiative to get showgoers extra rowdy, show photographer and local celebrity Errick Easterday will be filming a portion of Conveyer’s set for Victory Records to utilize as footage for a music video. All in all, this event offers a solid lineup complete with several must-see, signed and local bands.

There’s a lot of bands on this with something good to say, all different styles of alternative music with a good chance that you’ll hear something you’ll enjoy and maybe even take something away from what you heard,” said Bayless.

“The Hoosier Dome itself is a place where everyone has always been welcome no matter who you are. No better environment for a first time showgoer.”

To RSVP to this event, click here.


Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

A Guide To The Matter Fest 2015 Lineup

Matter Fest is only a week away, which means one thing: you’ve only got a week to learn about each band and memorize the lyrics of their greatest jams! Below, BRP has gathered the latest and greatest singles, songs, albums, and EPs from each artist and band featured on the festival lineup. Get educated and don’t forget to come hang out on Saturday!

ForeverAtLast – “Mr. Whitecoat”

Ghost Key – “Dismantle”

Church Tongue – “Ghost World”

Wicked World – “Save My Soul”

We Love You – “As Long As I Die By Your Side”

Oceans Grey – ‘Simon Says’

Archives – “Graveyard”

Sermos – ‘(husk)’

Guilt Trip – ‘Apprehended’

The Truth – ‘Heel/turn’

The Cambion – “The Ugly”

Inheritors – “Carrier”

Plagued By Humanity – ‘Bred Into Suffering’

Chin Up – ‘Mehen’

Disowner – “Thieves”

Chase Huglin – ‘Glow’

Grim State – ‘Post Traumatic Social Dysfunction’

Everyone Leaves – ‘The Great And Terrible’

Dependence – “Still.”

Hypewriter – “Quirk”

Chipped Teeth – ‘Born To Lose’

Dropkick – ‘Bottom Of The Food Chain’

All My Friends Are Dead – “Waypoints”

Pissed On – “Ill” & “Aggression” ft. Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose

Zealot – “Drained”

Blackwater – ‘Erase Scum’

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Matter Fest 2015 to gather bands from across the country this Saturday

This upcoming Saturday, the second annual Matter Fest will take place at Bordermen Gym, located in Converse, Indiana. The festival will feature 29 bands on two separate stages, starting at 1:00 p.m. and ending, well, once we’ve all had enough slams n’ jams for one night. Admission to Matter Fest will cost $10 at the door.

Many of the bands booked for the fest are Indiana’s own locals, but some are traveling from as far as the west coast to perform. These bands include Ghost Key (Illinois), Wicked World (Wisconsin), Pissed On (Kentucky), Zealot (Minnesota), All My Friends Are Dead (Ohio), Everyone Leaves (Ohio), Grim State (Ohio) and Dependence (California).

Besides the out-of-state musicians that are playing at Matter Fest, several of the best locals that Indiana has to offer will make appearances as well. These bands include ForeverAtLast, Chipped Teeth, Church Tongue, The Truth, We Love You, Sermos, Inheritors, Guilt Trip, Archives, Hypewriter, Oceans Grey, Dropkick, The Cambion and many more, listed on the show flyer below.

Since 2015 marks the second year for Matter Fest, Trae Roberts, founder and manager of the festival, is aiming to make every aspect of the event bigger and better than before.

“This year, I [booked] more regional bands to help bands get a little more recognition and to draw kids from out of state. I think that made [the event] more attractive to a lot of different people. I also started planning a lot earlier than I did last year,” said Roberts.

Matter Fest will offer tons of variety, whether it be genres of the bands or where they’re from. So, don’t forget to come out this weekend, and bring some cash for merch!

Roberts is also holding a pre-party at his home the night before the event to raise money for the venue, sound and transportation. The night will include an acoustic performance from Safe House, as well as appearances from We Love You, Hogarth, Anna Meets Wolf, Cody Almond, Kerry Gagen, The Obnoxious Boot (spoken word) and more. To get hyped for the festival and check out even more performances for a good cause, visit Trae’s house at 6:00 p.m.—it’s only $5 at the door for food, drinks, games and music.

Feeling overwhelmed by the stacked lineup or haven’t heard of the bands before? Check out my guide to Matter Fest!

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield