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Hogarth unveil ‘lit’ video for “Directed”

To celebrate the band’s spring tour, Montpelier’s Hogarth surprised fans today with a brand new song and video, “Directed.” Shot and edited by Errick Easterday of Easterdaily, the video is set in a dark room, completely lit by clear Christmas lights. One could say it was “lit.”

[Photo cred: Errick Easterday]


“The concept of the song is about someone, or people who try to put the blame on someone else when clearly they are in the wrong for something they did,” said drummer Travis Scriba. “We recorded the video with our long time friend Errick Easterday, and it was a blast. Errick is very creative and we are incredibly stoked with his work.”

Hogarth embarked on their spring tour yesterday, kicking off near the band’s hometown in Marion, Indiana. Tonight, they’re performing their second show at the House of Representatives in Normal, Illinois. Don’t miss the band at a date near you, check out the tour poster below.


Written by Chelsea Scofield

Photo by Errick Easterday

BRP’s Most Anticipated Music of 2016: 50 local bands to watch out for this year

All across the Midwest, local bands of many genres are working hard to make sure 2016 will be a memorable year filled with exciting tours, fresh new music, and goals they’re determined to accomplish. BRP’s Chelsea Scofield, Kelsie Lunsford and Lauren Van Houwe have interviewed 50 bands from Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana to bring you the details regarding the plans of your favorite local bands. Check out what Church Tongue, Ghost Key, No Victory, Drowning, Everyone Leaves, Lowered A.D., Safe House, The Day After, The Cambion, We Love You and much more had to say below!

[Featured photo by Easterdaily]



Alex & The XOs (Normal, IL) Indie Pop/Alternative

Interview with Alexandra Fisher:
What new music can we expect from you this year?
We will be releasing a music video to the song “Barricade” from our most recent self-titled LP. It’ll be footage of what we ate during our three week West Coast tour and also from our three week East Coast tour. We’re currently compiling footage! It should be released within the next two months. There will probably be a second music video made to another single that we have yet to figure out. We’re hoping to get some feedback from fans to which song would be good for a video. Also, we’ll release an EP later this year!
What tours are planned for this year?
We will also be doing mini regional tours, one or two long weekends per month starting in April, along with a likely southern tour in summer/fall of 2016! [LVH]



Among The Brave (Peru, IN) Metal

Interview with Evan Dillon:
Is the band releasing new music this year? If so, what details can you share?
We do plan on releasing an EP this year with all new material on it. We will have a single to release before the release of the EP and more than likely another music video to accompany one of the tracks on it. We have some material written and we are working on getting everything nice and tight before we decide on a recording date. The material we’ve worked on thus far is turning in a faster, heavier and more technical direction compared to our older music. Lyrically, we hope to show our insight on the struggle of the common man. People that work themselves to the bone and have very little to show while others live comfortably with no insight on what it actually takes to make it day by day in our world. We hope that we can have a release later in 2016.
Are you planning on touring this year? If so, when, where, with who? Visiting anywhere new or targeting any specific regions of the US?
We have no plans set in stone as of now for touring. We would love to get out on the road at some point this year. We are focusing very hard though on trying to play in the four surrounding states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.
What’s your overall goal of 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
Our overall goal is to continue playing as many shows as we possibly can and to continue to better ourselves as musicians. We hope to solidify ourselves as one of the many great bands in the Indiana music scene. [CS]


Ashland (Central Illinois) Rock

Interview with Aaron Wood:
What new music can we expect from you this year?
We are currently set to work on a record with Matt Amelung at Encapsulated Studios in February. Musically, we’re continuing where we left off with our previous release, Interim, but trying to push genre boundaries and create something new and exciting without alienating our fanbase by creating something that sounds entirely different from anything we’ve done before. It’s being written as we speak, so there aren’t a lot of details we can share, but we expect it to be out in the summer or early fall! To go along with the record, we will do a few music videos, most likely releasing one with a single a few weeks before the record drops. As for any band, doing a new record is always a stressful and exciting time so we’ll see where this goes!
What tours are planned for this year?
We’ll certainly continue trying to play every weekend as we have always done, but it would definitely be great to do some more extensive touring this year if we can!
What’s the band’s overall goal for 2016?
Our goals remain the same: Create good music, have fun, put on a great show and meet as many people as we can along the way! [LVH]


As Monuments Fall (Bradley, IL) Metalcore/Post-Hardcore

Interview with Sean Nelson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year?
We are actually coming up quickly on the release date of our debut full length titled Dark Days Ahead. It will be released February 12 on all digital outlets and physical copies as ordered.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where you are touring?
We definitely have some upcoming tours this year! The first one begins February 24 and ends on March 11. We are hitting most of the East Coast on this one. As of right now, the cities we are playing are: New Albany, IN; Chicago, IL; New Baltimore, MI; Warren, MI; Toledo, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI; Long Island, NY; Baltimore, MD; Murfreesboro, NC; Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN and Lansing, MI. Our west coast summer tour is in the booking process and will be announced at a later date. Finally, we will most likely head out towards the end of the year for one more run of dates! As for who’s heading out with us, it has not been 100 percent determined yet be we will be hearing back within the next few days with those details!
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
Our big focus is getting our music out to as many people as we can, and hitting the road to meet all the amazing fans we have acquired over the past year of recording. Their patience means a lot and now we want to be able to meet these people who have stuck around as well as all the new fans who may come to our shows! Also, we are hoping to make a few music videos and record our “Punk Goes Pop” cover. [KL]


Chipped Teeth (Indianapolis, IN) Hardcore

Interview with Cody Dussia:
What details can you share about new music?
We’re looking at either a split or an EP. Hopefully it’s going to be released in the spring. We’ve started our writing process and it’s just a matter of when we get material that we’re happy with together.
What fests are you guys performing? Where are they located?
We’re playing a small fest in March in Indiana—something Trae Roberts set up. We’re also playing No Way Out Festival, located in Georgia at the end of March.
As far as all your tours go, are you visiting anywhere new? Where do you plan on focusing these tours?
We may be doing a small run with Turncoat on the way to No Way Out Fest. We may also do one or two runs for about two weeks each. We’ll probably stay in the Midwest and East Coast this year.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016? Something you guys would like to accomplish together?
We want to push our name to new cities. We want this new record to shock people and catch people off guard. We don’t want to be that band that “sounds like” whatever. We want to sound like Chipped Teeth and that’s it. [CS]


Church Tongue (Indianapolis, IN) Hardcore

Interview with Michael Sugars:
Is the band releasing new music this year? If so, what details can you share?
We’re putting out a full-length record this year. The record is about a variety of things, ranging from personal struggles to the way I perceive things in the world and my perspective of myself growing up. It’s a very honest record for me and I’m very proud of it. I can’t wait to show everyone.
We’ve been mashing our heads together for video ideas for a while now. Expect a new music video, or two. There are a lot of big plans for 2016. I’m really confident in this year for us as a band.”
Are you planning on touring this year? Visiting anywhere new or targeting any specific regions of the US?
We leave for a tour with Hollow Earth in March. I’m really looking forward to that run, because that band is sick. St. Louis, MO is going to be new ground for us on that tour. We’ve played pretty close to most of the places we’re playing on that tour in the past.
We’re confirming some festivals for the summer currently in the Midwest. That’s gonna be a hell of a time. I can’t say which festivals we’re playing yet simply because they’re not 100 percent confirmed.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish together?
The overall goal every year is the same for us. We have little milestones we want to achieve every year but it’s always been the same goal. We want to introduce an art that is open, honest, and vulnerable. Most importantly, we hope it resonates with people. [CS]


Crewneck (Dayton, OH) Hardcore

Interview with: Cody Davidson
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We have an EP titled Smile prepared to come out before Spring 2016. We also may have a split and full-length coming later in the year, depending on how things go as they come.
The new music will have a more organic feel. We’ve been experimenting with recording techniques & different gear. Will also feature live drums as opposed to our debut EP which featured a drum machine, due to a lack of funds to record in a real studio. We have a few video ideas in the works, all of which will come as 2016 unfolds.
Any tour plans for this year? If so, who are you touring with, when are you touring, and where do you hope to visit while on tour?
We have no tours booked yet, but we’ve talked about future tours with Pissed on, Sermos, Grim State and WVRM. We are aiming to hit the Southeast Coast with WVRM this summer. We’re hoping to hit the West Coast with Grim State.
What is your overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
For 2016, we are just trying to play as many shows as possible, get some merch designs, finish our recordings and figure out some tours. We started this band in early 2015, so we are still pretty new to the scene. We hope to visit our neighboring states’ music scenes as much as possible and establish our presence in the scene as fast as possible. [CS]


Cut/Ties (Chicago, IL) Hardcore

Interview with: Timothy Rollo
Is your band releasing any new music this year?

We are in the process of writing a split EP, Vile Habits with Backbone from Wisconsin. The release date isn’t set in stone, but I’d say spring.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Merch, finally, as well as a good number of shows.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
At the moment, we are working on is a three-day run with Backbone to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. We are hoping to go coastal as soon as we can. We also have an upcoming show with Lionheart, Drowning, Torso, Through N Through, Creature, and more on January 29.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We hope to meet new friends, share good experiences with our present friends and put on a great show every time. Our goal is to just spread our music as much as we can. [KL]


Dead Friends (Cincinnati, OH) Melodic Metal

Interview with Chris Richter:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We are releasing an EP in February after our tour. We’re releasing a music video as well and looking to release three singles starting in March!
The EP is going to be amazing. This is our first release as Dead Friends, so we are excited to show everyone the diverse sound we have been working on. We have not released the name of the EP or the art for it but I’m super excited for that. It’s going to have five songs, each with its own feel and tone. For anyone familiar with our old bands, this will be something that’s absolutely explosive!
  The music video, is absolutely something different from what any band is doing or has done. We felt like just having fun with it and leveling with our audience. We might piss some people off but let’s face it: Dead Friends has a lot of that in our future, but we won’t stop shaking it up. Get ready to party with us!
Any tours coming up this year for you guys? Visiting new territory?
Tour is coming and man, are we excited! We’re not really visiting anywhere new, but it will be new with this music and sound. We are so excited to announce we will be leaving February 22. We’re trying to visit places like Louisville, KY; Grand Rapids,MI; Indianapolis, IN and Tennessee! If all goes well, we will be visiting new cities and seeing old friends in our favorite cities.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish together?
For me personally, it is to set ourselves apart. Not with the tough guy image, not with anything but being who we are. We are a bunch of goofy, nerdy, funny guys who like to play music, make friends and tell stories. Our music is the only thing we obsess over and just want as many people to hear it and have it as humanly possible. 2016 is a year of action for Dead Friends and we will be pushing the boundaries of what is being done. We’ll be pushing the limits of what we are capable of and most importantly, grinding as hard as we can to make a mark on the people we meet show to show, city to city. [CS]


Disowner (Goshen, IN) Metal

Interview with: Kenny Carter:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’ll  probably come out with an EP and it will be an evolution to anything you’ve heard prior from Disowner. We’re staying true to what we started with, but expanding upon it greatly. Definitely some things people won’t expect.
Any tour plans for this year? If so, who are you touring with, when are you touring, and where do you hope to visit while on tour?
No tour plans currently, simply because getting five dudes with jobs in one room is the hardest thing in the world. That being said, Texas better keep an eye out because we have something fun planned soon.
What is your overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
Hit new states, make new friends and do what we’ve been trying to for years. I’d personally like to see us play a big festival this year. There’s just nothing more fun than hanging out with people who share a love for music just like us. [CS]


Dropkick (Muncie, IN) Straight Edge Hardcore

Interview with Dalton Miller:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We are hoping to have a new EP finished by late spring. We are heading in a somewhat new direction. Without giving away too much information, we are implementing more musical ideas from our roots. Also, we will be releasing a brand new single soon! We have a lot of surprises in store for 2016.
Any tour plans for this year? If so, who are you touring with, when are you touring, and where do you hope to visit while on tour?
We are planning on touring in the summer, but nothing is completely set up yet.
What is your overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
Goals for us this year include rocking out with some new music, drinking as much Mountain Dew as humanly possible and banging our heads so hard that they fall off! [CS]


Drowning (Chicago, IL) Beatdown

Interview with Mike Robinson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

We will release our full length, titled EgoTrip, on February 19. We’ve been working hard on this but it’s finally done and we couldn’t be more excited to release it!
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
We have a lot up our sleeves. We have videos, merch, shows and tours. We’ve been working hard and we are very excited for everyone to experience what we have to offer!
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We can’t wait to hit the road with our friends in Lionheart at the end of January. In March, Torso joins us as we hit the East Coast with Psycho Enhancer and then the West Coast with Domination.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We just want to keep moving forward. We all have different projects and we have a lot of goals we want to accomplish with Drowning. We couldn’t be more focused to do more and to play out more. Be ready! [KL]


Endless Compromise (Pekin, IL) Post-Hardcore/Pop-Punk

Interview with Nick Timke:
What new music can we expect from you this year?
On December 19 of last year, we released our second EP A Life Worth Living, and we are currently playing around on that material for the moment. However, there is rumor that we are doing a split and tour with Peoria’s Drained—the band’s vocalist Kody and myself have tossed around the idea. If that doesn’t work out, all of our new material will be released as a third EP and we will more than likely try to solo tour. Fans can expect any new material to be out by late fall or early winter. We will be releasing a single in spring announcing our next release, with or without Drained.
What tours are planned for this year?
For 2016, I have been steadily lining up shows for us every month. In January, we play on the fifteenth and the twenty-fifth at the Brass Rail II. On the fifteenth, we play with Chicago indie band Vaya, and the twenty-fifth we’re playing with Cloud Gavin. In February, we are playing on the fifth with Champaign’s Resinater. Jared Grabb, the guy in charge of Diplomatic Relations, asked us to play that and the Vaya show. We are trying to get on festivals such as Audiofeed and Take Hold Fest later in November. I’m not exactly sure how to go about doing that, but I would love to play those festivals! We also are in the “maybe” for playing Mates Fest 7 this year in Peoria.
Overall goal for 2016?
To become tighter and closer as a band and family, really. These guys are really my best friends and becoming a better band together with them is good enough for me. But if No Sleep Records wants to call and hook us up, that would be cool too. [LVH]


Everyone Leaves (Columbus, OH) Rasp/Angst

Interview with Jacob Bialosky:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We have a split with Hot Mulligan coming out on March 11 and an EP that’s scheduled to release later in 2016.
How will this new music differ from The Great and Terrible and your other previous releases?
The new songs are the maturation of the sound we carried out on The Great And Terrible. These songs do some new things and will appeal to some new people, but without turning our backs on any of tenets of our current sound. We’re still tired, angsty kids, we’ve just grown up a little.
Any tour plans for this year? If so, who are you touring with, when are you touring, and where do you hope to visit while on tour?
First tour of the year kicks off January 15 with The Tiny Ugly Germs and Human After All, then we have two short runs with Debris and The Language (February 5-7 and February 19-21 respectively). The second tour starts in late March with some good friends of ours we’ve played a few shows with. We have two festivals confirmed. I can’t give our names yet unfortunately, but they’re all going to be really cool.
What is your overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
Our goal is the same for 2016 as it is for every day, week, month, and year: We want to be the biggest band in the history of time. [CS]


Ghost Key (Peoria, IL) Hardcore

Interview with Chris Bayless:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We are releasing our first full length this year. Recording is finished and it’s in the process of mixing/mastering. We have an idea for a title but that and a release date are all tentative at this point. We are very proud of this record and feel our sound has greatly matured even since our most recent EP released over the summer.
You guys are performing South By So What Fest, that’s insane! How do you feel about that?
It’s a pretty crazy feeling, honestly. Being able to share the stage with bands we’ve all been listening to since we got into alternative music like Underoath, Zao, and New Found Glory brings so many nostalgic feelings. We are definitely honored to be a part of it.
Any tour plans or confirmed fests for this year?
We kicked off a tour with Crucible (featuring members of We Came as Romans) and Toothgrinder last Friday. It’s a short run but it should be pretty awesome. We’ve got another tour announcement coming very soon to keep an eye out for as well. There’s a couple fests we’re submitting for but nothing set in stone just yet. Fingers crossed though!
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
This year, we’re just trying to put out an awesome full-length, tour hard and often, and see some places we’ve never been to before. It’s a difficult endeavor but we’d really love to make it overseas at least once by the end of the year. We’ll just have to see what happens. [CS] 


Goons (South Bend, IN) Hardcore

Interview with Gavin Frye:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We are currently in the process of writing a new single and then shooting a video for it. We really hope to put out a new EP in 2016, but our main focus is a new music video mainly because they seem to do better as far as promotion goes.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
We have had a few indie label offers this year already and then a few last year, but nothing that really grabbed us. All of us have been in a lot of different bands over the last decade. I personally spent about four years touring full-time with a few different bands, one of them signed to Rise Records. That experience really showed me what to expect out of the music industry for heavy music. Touring is something we definitely see in our future as a band but we would rather have a built fan base through releasing music videos and songs and solid communication with our friends and fans rather than just try and blow all our money on tours that barely cover the cost of gas. Two of our members have kids and I have two dogs. When I do something, I do it big, but in order to do that we have to be bringing in more than we’re putting out—as how it is with most bands that are successful. Every once and awhile, a band will get lucky and just blow up out of nowhere but the odds of that happening are kind of like playing the lottery. You just can’t expect it. Hope for it of course, but don’t count on it.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
It’s going to be a good year for Goons. Promoting the music video we did a few months ago. Giving/selling t-shirts to people that like what we’re doing. Put some of our music up for free download (right now most of it is only available for online streaming). Constructing a setlist that we absolutely love. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d rather put a large amount of time into writing and producing our music so we’re not stuck playing songs that we wrote on a whim just so we could tour. We want to write music we love. We want to write music that inspires not only us but the people that hear it. I’ve always really been into fitness and for me a song isn’t finished until it gets me pumped and hyped up at the gym. Sometimes we’ll start working on a song and then take it to the test zone (they gym) and I just won’t be feeling certain parts or the flow. So instead of just releasing it for the sake of releasing it, we’re at the point where we’d rather take the extra month in the studio to get it exactly how we want it to sound. I’m very excited for everything that’s to come. [KL]


Her Eyes Glazed Over (Lake Station, IN) Deathcore

Interview with Aaron Nelson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

We have a few new songs that we finished up towards the end of last year and are currently working on material for a 10 to 14-track album. We’ll possibly have a small demo with a few new tracks on it towards the end of spring.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Merch. Tons and tons of merch. We recently printed a shirt with Tim Allen’s mugshot and our logo and also Trump bound and stabbed to a chair. We’re also working on a design for a Bernie Sanders shirt (Feel the Bern!). More buttons, stickers, lighters, just tons of stuff for the fans to remember our name.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We’re planning on a few select shows right now to kick off 2016, but we hope to do a ten day run sometime towards summer or fall with Orinoco, The Cambion, or Cariosus.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We’d love to open a fest of some sort. Whether it be headlining a local festival or being a opening act on Warped, Full Metal Assault, whatever. Something like that would be awesome. [KL]


Hogarth (Montpelier, IN) Emo/Alternative

Interview with Trae Roberts:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re recording an EP within the next couple months. There are not many details worked out yet, but within the next few months, we will have something put out.
Any tours planned as of now? Anywhere new you guys hope to visit while on tour?
Yes! This month, we’re doing a small run with our friends in Street Sense. That run hits Louisville, KY; Montpelier, IN; Terre Haute, IN; and Muncie,IN. Then in March, we’re doing about a week in the Midwest. This will hit Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
Basically, just put out an EP, tour a little, and play as many shows with our friends as we possibly can. [CS]


Hypewriter (Wabash, IN) Progressive Metal

Interview with Damon York:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We will definitely release two to three new songs and a music video or two. Our new music is taking a turn lyrically. Instead of being stories, we’re writing about personal experiences which makes our songs more emotional to me. I’ve always put emotion into my writing but more so from personal experiences on this time around.
Any tours planned as of now? Anywhere new you guys hope to visit while on tour?
We’re actually planning a run with Among The Brave, maybe just for a weekend or something. We’re really trying to do some touring this summer, maybe Chicago, Louisville, and St. Louis. As long as we can get places to book us, we’ll do it. We’re also playing Emerson Theater on February 6 with Ice Nine Kills.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
We want to tour to at least two states, music videos, exposure and play as many shows as physically possible, because our music spans over multiple genres and to multiple markets. [CS]


Invalidated (Hessville, IN) Metal

Interview with William Pizzolato:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

Last November, we released our debut single. As for 2016, we’ll be releasing our EP. We recorded our single with The Cambion’s CJ Rayson. He’s excellent to work with, so we’ve decided to continue and record our entire EP with him.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
I think a lot can be expected, honestly. There’s a lot of big moves being put in place to take effect this year. There have been a lot of changes in this band over the course of this past year, we really haven’t made light of any of it. But we feel like 2016 will more or less showcase the changes in sound, image, and lineup.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
There are talks between ourselves, and two other bands in the area. Not giving anything away on that one, but, as long as all the funds are there and we can get the time off work, we will be touring this summer.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We’re just hoping to get our EP out and go play to some new faces. Then, everything that comes with that. Getting CDs pressed and getting some new merch made. Speaking of new merch, we recently put an order in for Invalidated booty shorts, so we should have those available at our upcoming shows. [KL]


LOWCOUNTRY (Northwest Indiana) Rock

Interview with Frank Rosado:
Is your band currently releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
    We are in the process of setting aside recording sessions to start the tracking of our first proper debut EP, which is not named yet. We will begin the process by recording a single, releasing that, and following up with the full EP soon after. Hopefully before the end of the year, you will see a full length album from us.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
This year, we in LOWCOUNTRY have plans to release plenty of new merchandise options for our fans and friends. We have a few options in the works that will hopefully have people excited about our brand. Also as stated before, be on the lookout for new music very soon from us. 2016 will be the year that you see LOWCOUNTRY’s music become more available. We will be on all of your favorite streaming sources such as Spotify, iTunes, etc.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
This year, we plan to start off with a few short tours around the Midwest and the Region. We’ll follow that hopefully with some longer runs to the South, West, and East. We have a few select friends we’d like to embark on our journeys with. We’ll keep their names a secret until things are ironed out. Keep a look out for LOWCOUNTRY in 2016. We will not disappoint.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
In 2016, we hope to develop more of a presence in our region and outside of it as well. We want to get our music in as many people’s hands as possible. We want to be on everyone in the state’s radar sooner than later. 2016 is the year we see the LOWCOUNTRY name become become noticed. [KL]


Lowered A.D. (Marion, IL) Metallic Hardcore

Interview with Jonathan Clapp:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
Lowered A.D. is currently writing an EP titled Diminishing Light. We are gearing up to be in the studio by the end of summer. There is no set release date as of now, but it will be released on Unbeaten Records. It’s going to be more aggressive than our past releases with way more diversity—musically and sonically. Definitely the best material we’ve written yet. I think the band’s experiences are going to shine through on the next release. We’ve all matured as people and musicians going through new experiences—some harsh, some not so much.
Do you guys plan on touring this year? If so, where, when, and with who?
We got the go-ahead to have BRP readers be the first to know and announce our next tour: We’ll be on the road in March and April with Orthodox, Left Behind, and Incited. We’re really excited for this package because it packs such a punch through so many genres. Every band slays on this package and I suggest you roll out to see one of the best tour lineups of 2016 if it’s near your city.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
To blow up and act like we don’t know nobody. But seriously, we want to reach out to places we haven’t hit, jump on some cool fests, play some new material and would absolutely love to hit Japan/Europe. [CS]


Lucid Empathy (Hobart, IN) Rock

Interview with Mark Breeden:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We’re releasing an album that will include the songs from our debut EP, The LE EP Pt. 1, as well as unheard new songs.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
This year, you can expect a new level of professionalism from our band. We earned a reputation for being “always fucked up.” We would like to stray away from that. Sober performances is the goal. We also have Tres Beatty from Among The Essence on bass, which adds a whole new groove element to the band.
Any upcoming tours this year?
We are planning a tour for summer 2016: The Alcoholics Anonymous Tour featuring Lucid Empathy, Among The Essence, and Invalidated. We are planning to head all the way to the West Coast, playing shows on the way, head down to Texas, head back up and hit Atlanta on the way, and finish it off where we started in the Midwest. It will be a two week tour and the first tour for all of our bands.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
In 2016, we hope to reach more people with our music and further our spot in our music scene. We will be playing our comeback show on January 23 at Big Shots and opening for Randy and Mr. Lahey of Trailer Park Boys on February 27. [KL]


LxVxC (Park Forest, IL) Grind Beatdown

Interview with Adam Halfaker:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

We’re releasing our self-titled EP, Los Vatos Crucifijo. We’re aiming to release that EP, which is our first, before spring!
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Doing a lot of shows and at least two studio releases.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
No upcoming tours yet, maybe something towards the end of the year, but it’s not written in stone!
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
To solidify our name in the scene and prove to ourselves and the people that we’re for real and we love doing this. [KL]


My Sweet Fall (Indianapolis, IN) Pop/Punk

Interview with Nick Long:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re on our way right now to record with Sam Pura in Fremont, California. He’s done everything that The Story So Far has released, plus a slew of other great bands. The last album we wrote was about being upset over a girl. This new EP is about holding yourself accountable for your own sadness and learning how to move forward. I’d like to release it by the summer, but I’m not sure.
Do you plan on touring this year? If so, with who, when, and where?
We have no tour plans—yet. But we will at some point during this year, hopefully multiple tours. This is the year: We want to do it big with My Sweet Fall!
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016? Something you hope to accomplish this year together?
Our overall goal is to start playing music more than working jobs that aren’t music [laughs]. [CS]


No Victory (Gary, IN) Hardcore

Interview with Brian Pilla:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We are releasing a full-length record through Unbeaten Records. The album will be more intense than our previous releases, mixing 90s metalcore and early 2000s beatdown that hopefully will interest fans of all types of different metal styles.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Expect some fitted cap, jean short, 4x white t-Shirt, Gary, Indiana style street fight metal. Touring as much as we financially and physically can, physical and digital releases of new music, and plenty of new merch in all shapes and sizes to make our fans look sick.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
As of right now, we don’t have a lot of touring planned but that’s going to change in the coming months. We’ll be doing a short run of shows down to Midwest Blood Fest as well as playing the fest on day two along with the after show the following day.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
In 2016, we hope to grow more mature as a band in our music and to tour and have as much fun as we possibly can, all while reaching out to as many people as possible. [KL]


Oceans Grey (Indianapolis, IN) Groovy Metalcore

Interview with Trae Roberts:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
Oceans Grey is recording an EP within the next couple months. It will be much more mature and fresh for us. After searching forever, I think we’ve finally found our sound and we’re excited to pack it in to these new songs. Fans can definitely expect a lot of change, to say the least.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
The beginning of this year will be a lot of East Coast and Midwest. There is also talk of a Canadian run with some friends from over there. By the end of the year, we hope to have hit some western areas, but that’s for later.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
Basically, just tour a lot on this new release. Play places we’ve never played, and make new friends all across the country. [CS]


Pine (Normal, IL) Space Grunge/Dad Rock/Indie Rock

Interview with Matt Cole:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We have a split with two other bands coming out, released through Sunday Drive Records. It’s going to include ourselves, Undeserving and New Lives, from St. Louis, MO. Although there is no hard date yet, we hope to release it by the end of January or beginning of February. It will be available on cassette and digital.
We’re also releasing a brand new EP, which is going to pick up where Things Said left off. It’s definitely going to be heavier than the first EP and it will focus more on acceptance. Accepting that things aren’t okay, or the way you wish they were, but still finding a way to move forward.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We are planning a release show with all of us around the time the split is released, as well as a tour with New Lives. If Undeserving can come as well, it would be amazing to make it happen with all three of us. The tour is set for this summer. In the spring, we’re planning a three to four day run with Sleep Well.  No tour is booked yet, they are still being talked and worked on. So, they may change as the time comes, but those are what we are hoping for at the time being.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
In 2016, we just want to keep doing what we are doing; playing to new crowds, going to new places, making new music that hits people, building and growing with all the people and bands around us. Just keep growing and building as a band. [CS]


Plans (Indianapolis, IN) Indie/Rock

Interview with Cody Almond:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re releasing our album! We definitely have things set in stone. We’re actually putting the final touches on the last song. So, hopefully it’s an early release for us this year.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We have all been itching to tour since this whole thing began. I know that I’m looking forward to setting up short weekend runs until it makes sense for us to go out on something longer. Last year was kind of like the preparation. Now, it’s time.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
To get our tunes in the ears of as many people as possible. Touring, interviews, acoustic shows, whatever it takes to get us to a point where touring more often than not makes sense. I’d like to get a split put out towards the end of the year and personally, I’m hoping to have an acoustic EP as well. I’m probably over committing myself, but I fell back in love with music and I don’t intend to lose that again. [CS]


Portals (Bloomington, IL) Heavy

Interview with James McHenry:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We don’t have too many details right now, but we are currently in the process of writing a brand new release that will most likely be an EP. It will be the first to feature our new vocalist, who is still yet to be announced. While we have just begun the writing process, we can already say that lyrically and musically, it will be a departure stylistically from our previous release, The Empty, while still maintaining the heaviness that EP had. We will be developing our sound further and this EP will be a step further into defining ourselves as a band. We plan to release a single in between March and April, and hopefully, the EP will be released in the winter! [LVH]


Riot Shield (Terre Haute, IN) Punk n’ Roll

Interview with Jacob Osborn:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We have a 5-track EP, titled Not The Same, that we’re hoping to release around April online and on 7” vinyl that comes with a download card. If you buy the vinyl, the download card includes three acoustic tracks. Not The Same is about how people, places, everything chances. Even if you don’t notice it, it happens. And it sucks sometimes. A couple of our tracks are about losing friends to drugs or just to life. One about changes the places in which you live and how you can grow to hate them. A couple are about when you change and how it can be hard, and sometimes you don’t even notice.
How does this EP differ from your past releases?
Our first EP took way too long to get out. We recorded one place but weren’t happy with it, so we took it to a new producer to salvage it. It still came out good, but not up to par with what we had really hoped for. This one was done all at once with a good buddy of mine, Sean Daily down in Florida. Also, our music has changed. We looked a lot more to bands like Brand New, Citizen, and Knuckle Puck on this record and our lyrics kind of all follow a theme of change, be it friends, loved ones, you hometown or change in yourself.
Do you have any tours planned to accompany this release? Visiting anywhere new?
We don’t have any tours yet, but we’ll be looking to do some weekend runs in April. We’re also looking at a summer tour with our friends in Rest Assured. We’d really just like to get around the Midwest, playing in living rooms or basements more (house shows are our favorite), and try to get on more of the music fests held around Indiana.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
We’d like to just play more, a lot more. MSMFest is a bit of a goal of ours and I know we’d like to play with some more of our favorite Indiana locals like The Day After and Give & Take, among others. [CS]


Safe House (Indianapolis, IN) Pop Punk

Interview with Alex Miller & Joseph Micucci:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
MILLER: We should be releasing a new single, titled “Eastbound” later this month. It’s a song we’ve had for a while and we’ve been playing it a handful of times. It isn’t too different from Finding Some Stability; it was supposed to be on it, but lyrics didn’t get finished in time. Hopefully, we’ll be releasing more new music before the end of the year. We’ve got a few songs written, we just need to get them solidified.
What details can you share about “Eastbound”?
MICUCCI: “Eastbound” was originally meant to be on Finding Some Stability, but I was never able to get lyrics written that I felt did the song justice, therefore it didn’t make it on to the EP. Lyrically, it’s about being caught up in a situation where you just want it to be over so you can move on, but you never get closure whatsoever due to someone not wanting to provide you with it. At the same time, you kind of also like not knowing because you never know what the truth might bring out. It’ll probably be taken as a breakup song, which is fine because I’m down with people interpreting things however they seem fit, but I definitely just consider it a song of trying to find personal growth in a shitty situation.
Any upcoming tours this year? Any new places you hope to visit?
MILLER: We’re doing this weekender closer towards the end of this month. Nothing else planned yet, but maybe another weekend or week long tour. We’re hoping to play out of state way more.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
Put more music out, maybe get signed, and play more out-of-state shows definitely. [CS]


Sammy and The Punk (Springfield, IL) Rock

Interview with Lucas and Sam Gollon:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We plan on finishing up a full-length album in early 2016, but we’re not 100 percent sure of the title yet.
Any upcoming tours this year?
No tours are planned for 2016 as of now, but we do have some very special shows that we will be announcing throughout the year via our Facebook page.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
We all hope to lose our virginities by the end of the year. [LVH]


Sermos (Indianapolis, IN) Death Metal

Interview with Kurtis Hall:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We plan on doing a split with Grim State. I’m actually talking with Aaron Russel, who does the sick screamo singing for Grim State, and we’re trying to decide a theme for this split. Nothing is quite set in stone yet, so there aren’t many details I can discuss. I can say that we’re hoping for a release sometime in the spring.
How will the tracks on this split differ from your past releases?
I think it’s about the same as before. We take influence from so many different bands that it’s hard to anticipate what new material will sound like. We’ll keep y’all on your toes with new stuff.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We don’t have any tours planned yet. We want to get a van or trailer so we can actually travel. With the support we have from bands out-of-state, we’d love to play more shows in Kentucky and eventually get around to Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and junk like that.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
Our goal is mostly to play sick music and get people jacked on our music. We want to record more jams and we want to get out there and play across the country. Hopefully we’ll be able to break out this year. #SERMOSNATION [CS]


stop.drop.rewind (Valparaiso, IN) Progressive Powerpop

Interview with Daryl Crenson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We’re towards the very end of the recording process for a brand new 6-song EP, titled Polarity, due to be released February 12! It’s our third EP (Andy’s first with us), and definitely our longest and most ambitious release to date. We really focused on musicality while writing this record. We think we’re a prog band at heart, so our instinct is to flash our chops at every possible opportunity, but it’s important to be tasteful. Andy plays with great touch and taste, which forces the rest of us to do so as well and it’s really elevated our sound. I think that’s what will really shine through on Polarity, along with some crazy singable choruses and one brief foray into the world of avant garde jazz. We can’t wait to share it with everyone in February!
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Aside from the release of our new EP, people can expect new merch, a tight live set, and lots of shows. By the time Polarity comes out, we’ll have brand new shirts and stickers, and maybe a few other surprises. Andy’s wife, Anna, has been helping us out with all the designs. Everything is looking so great, it makes me wish it wasn’t for my band so I could wear it. As far as the live show goes, we’ve really been going over our sets with a fine-toothed comb, looking for what’s been working and what hasn’t and adjusting accordingly. The idea is to make our shows more exciting, so that literally everyone is having a good time when we play, not just us.
Any upcoming tours this year?
As far as booking goes, we’re hoping to be touring a lot more extensively than we have in the past.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We’re super proud of the way our new EP is turning out. Once the album comes out, we’ll be looking for ways to make sure it’s in everyone’s ears. Our first job is to make it readily available to people, so we’ll be hosting it on pretty much every online music retailer or streaming site. We’ll be brainstorming new ways to get our music heard, too. Beyond Polarity, we’re excited to keep playing together and growing as musicians. Kris and I have been playing together for 16 years now, and I can feel some of that chemistry growing with Andy too, but it will all come with time. We’re going to keep pushing our personal musical boundaries, while hopefully strengthening our ability to play as a unit and get super, super tight. Along those lines, we’d also like to round out our lineup. Stop.drop.rewind is supposed to be a four piece band, but we’ve been without a lead guitarist since Jake left a few years ago. We’d love to find someone with whom we have that chemistry, who shares our passion for music and our drive to make stop.drop.rewind a career, so we’ll be on the lookout for that person. [KL]


Strangers Now (St. Louis, MO) Hardcore

Interview with Ben Teter:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’ve been writing our first full-length LP since last summer. We put a 3-song demo out in August, which we planned on re-recording two or three of those songs for the LP. At this point, we’re about two songs away from finishing up writing. We’ve got a couple engineers in mind to do the record with, but nothing is set in stone. That being said, I really have no idea when this thing will be out. I will say this: We all have never been more excited about something we’ve done musically in our entire lives—all four of us. I don’t just mean with Strangers Now material, either, anything we have ever done. We came into this thing with a solid idea of what we wanted to sound like, we hit that goal and then just kept pushing it further and further. We’re breaking barriers we never thought we could break, creating such a new and diverse mix of sounds, lyrical content, and the message is expanding—all while still maintaining that same core idea we came up with in the very beginning. [LVH]


Terribly Happy (Peoria, IL) Pop Punk

Interview with Logan Kiesewetter:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re currently recording our first full-length album, which is tentatively titled, Modern Life. We hope to have it released in either March or April of this year and are taking a temporary leave from playing live shows to focus heavily on the recording process with our new producer, Caleb Rose, who has recorded other Peoria local bands such as Drained and Up + At Em.
The album will feature twelve new songs, the majority of which have never been heard before, as well as some bonus tracks. We’re beyond stoked for this release for several reasons! We feel as though it shows a maturity, growth, and uniqueness in our sound and writing, and covers some very serious as well as fun topics that we hope people can relate to. We decided to explore and discuss themes relating to the state of the world in which we live, on a grand scale as well as an introspective scale. World issues, struggles everyone encounters and deals with such as breakups and friends moving on, as well as more fun loving topics such as the joy that can be found in love and the hope of a better tomorrow not just for one’s self, but for everyone around them. These are just a few of the themes these new songs will cover.
On a personal note, we feel these are our best songs yet and can’t wait to share them! As a fun little side note too, a lot of the song titles are references to different anime, because we’re big nerds. Some other things we potentially have coming up are a few music videos to go with a couple of the new songs as well as some possible collabs with other local bands. However, the details of all of those things are still being worked out. Our main focus, currently, is this new album and the tour to follow.
Any upcoming tours this year?
Once the album is done, we plan to hit the scene as much as we can again, playing several live shows, as well as embarking on our first tour. We’re still working out the details, but we do know it’s going to happen for sure and that will be happening this summer. We want to play in several cities throughout Illinois, including Chicago, Springfield, St. Louis, Bloomington, Champaign, some of which we’ve played in the past, others of which will be new adventures. We’re fortunate enough to have contacts that could help us set up shows in each place and on a grander scale. There’s been a lot of talk of making it an all out Midwest tour, rather than just statewide, but we’re still discussing. Essentially, we plan on doing several weekend runs and day trips. However, if we do spread out and go to some farther away places, there will be some band sleepovers and cuddle fests in the van [laughs], which we’re already accustomed to since we rent out a house together. We’re crazy excited for tour and the memories to be made!
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
What we’re really hoping to accomplish this year is to play out as much as we can with our new material, spread our name and music to different areas, and make tons of new friends! There’s nothing the three of us truly love more than being in a band together and making music. There’s seriously no better feeling than rocking out with your best friends, whether you’re in the basement or onstage. The three of us are like brothers and we definitely put our hearts and souls into our songs. We also feel absolutely blessed to be a part of such a vastly loving music scene like Peoria’s. There’s so much love to be found here and so many friendships to be made and that’s what we want to do wherever we play: make new friends and have the time of our lives playing together and with other bands. That’s the goal: to play and spread our material wherever we can and to whoever will listen to it and to meet new people in the hopes of connecting with them! We have an overall, collective dream and drive to take this band as far as we can possibly go with it, while still remaining true to our music, not for fame or the money that would come along with that kind of situation, but to be able to play our music for the rest of our lives and to always be meeting new people and creating new friendships. Music is our greatest passion and we just want to go all out and as far as we possibly can this year as well as the years to come. [LVH]


The Beauty In Her Eyes (Bloomington, IL) Beatdown

Interview with Mikahl Thomas Henry:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re releasing a new EP called The Spiritualist sometime before this summer. It has a very heavy, creepy vibe to it, lots of really disgusting breakdowns and lyrics.
Any upcoming tours this year?
The goal for this year is to grind our teeth against the concrete and tour. We’re going to be booking a few two week runs for the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. [LVH]


The Cambion (Indiana/Illinois) Heavy Metal/Hardcore

Interview with CJ Rayson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We’ll finally be putting out an actual EP this year. It’ll be at least six unreleased songs, including one song that we recently started playing live but hasn’t been recorded yet. It’s about 60 to 70 percent written right now.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
On top of an all new CD, we will continue to travel as much as our schedules allow us, upset people in southern Illinois, and design/print dumb rip-off merch designs. We’ll also continue to destroy our insides with Kuma’s Corner and Steak & Shake.
We’re teaming up with some labels, management, and agencies with our interests in mind to help further The Cambion’s career and get us on the road more often. We’ve been in contact with some people who claim to want to help our cause. Will anything happen of this? Eh, we’ll see. I have trust issues.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We will be hitting the road again this year, specifically some places down south that we’ve never been to before with some friends that will probably also be in this article. That’s about all the info I can give about that at this point, unfortunately. [KL]


The City, The Ruins (Central Illinois) Progressive Metalcore

Interview with Kyle Holliday:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We plan to release a 12-track album in 2016, although the date hasn’t been set. We also have been asked to do a split with Drained, but no more details than that for now. We are very excited with the new material that we have created, and can’t wait to show it to everyone.
Any upcoming tours this year?
Due to work schedules and families, our shows will be confined to weekends for now, but we promise that we are still hard at work. We as a band are always looking to play in new places and we hope that we can find new places to play and new people to meet and share our music with in the upcoming year. Thank you to everyone who has ever believed in us, and here’s to the future! [LVH]


The Day After (Indianapolis, IN) Easycore/Pop Punk/Post-Hardcore

Interview with Kevin Kirk:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We are honestly just now getting back into the swing of things after some member changes but we definitely have plans for new singles, videos and probably another EP this year. With some of the changes we’ve been through and influences the world has thrown at us, our sound may morph a little bit. Some older fans may not like all of the new sounds, but I think every release has potential to be polarizing so it’s best to focus on what means the most to us, and hopefully there are people out there who find value and meaning in our music.
Any tour plans for this year? If so, who are you touring with, when are you touring, and where do you hope to visit while on tour?
We’d like to get back on the road, but as any tour-savvy band will tell you, the most important thing about touring is your vehicle. We don’t currently have a reliable means of transportation and that will lock us in for shorter, region specific runs, but again, we’re trying to get back out there like we were a year or two ago. Our favorite cities to play are Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL so you’ll probably see some dates in the Midwest come spring or summer.
What is your overall goal for 2016? Something you’d like to accomplish as a band?
2016 is going to be a tough year for us as a band, but that’s not to say we aren’t ready and more than willing to meet those challenges along the way. That being said, we’re very excited to be teaming up with our new bassist Collin Fiol. We’ve been good friends with Collin for some time now, and he’s run merch for us before, and generally supported us as a band for years. It feels like he should’ve been playing with us all along and we’re very excited for the talent and new excitement he’s bringing the rest of us. We’ve been a band for seven years now, and there are times where it’s been hard for the rest of us to see the value in what we do. With new vigor and vision for the future, however, I’m down for another seven years even if no one is listening. We love music. We love writing, producing and performing music; it makes us feel complete in a way that nothing else in this world has. TDA is back, and TDA is here to stay. [CS]



The Kyle Smith Variety Show (Central Illinois) Electronica/Metalcore/Pop/Classical

Interview with Kyle Smith:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
Full-length Stargazer is expected to release March. The opening track, “Exnihillo,” is a latin phrase meaning “out of nothing.”The theme of the song is struggle in faith and belief. That’s basically the overall theme: finding identity and things of that sort. The full-length is more progressive metal, but poetic. Live videos may come about as well.
With regards to touring, what’s in store for this year?
Nothing quite booked yet, but hoping to do a multi-location release show for the record.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
Release the record, make music videos, and most importantly, make merch. I’ve talked about these, but it would be great to accomplish. Also, try and play out-of-state and in other cities. It’s a new year, and I want to move on from being childish and become more dedicated. Not to procrastinate as much, but actually get things done. [LVH]


Through N Through (Little Village Chicago) Hardcore

Interview with Ruben Garza:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

We recently released our debut EP Defend this past fall, so this year we are mostly going to spend it writing new material and see where things go from there. We do however have our sights set on possibly releasing a new single towards the middle of the year, so you can be on the lookout for that.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Everyone can expect Through N Through to be playing more shows, hopefully bigger and better shows than what we have already done. We always play the Chicagoland area and it is amazing, but we are really hoping to be playing outside of our area on a more consistent basis than last year. Our main goal this year is to expand our fan base and with that, be able to reach new places where we have not played before. People can also expect new songs in our set when they come out to see us live.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We can’t release too much information on that at the moment, but we are currently in the final stages of confirming an upcoming Midwest run. We are really excited about that specifically and that’s is pretty much what the majority of our focus is on at the moment. More details regarding the tour will be released in due time.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
For 2016, our goals are pretty much set on going out of state a lot more and anywhere people want to see us play. Hopefully by the end of the year, we would have gone to different parts of the country, from coast to coast. During the time in which we are not playing shows, we will be writing new music. The writing process for us never really stops. Whenever the creativity feels right, we will have a new song written and ready to go. We hope to get our music out to as many people as possible this year. [KL]


Torso (Joliet, IL) Grindcore

Interview with Mason Sukley:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?
We will be recording a new EP this year. We should start recording in the spring and have the EP ready for a summer release.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
We are doing an East Coast tour with Drowning and Psycho Enhancer in March, then a West Coast tour with Drowning, Raw Dawg, and Domination. We have a show January 29 at Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL with Lionheart, Drowning, Ricochet, Creature, and Cut/Ties.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
We will do what we always do: play lots of shows all over the country and write new music. [KL]


Unamused Dave (Germantown Hills, IL) Rock

Interview with Bryson Maddock:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re working on a new, full-length album and releasing it in the summer. We’ll also be releasing a few singles from the album before it’s out. “You’re Hired” is one of them.
Any upcoming tours this year?
We are going on an East Coast tour in June. [LVH]


Undeserving (Bloomington, IL) Grunge/Rock

UndeservingInterview with Christopher Biggs:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’ve got a 3-way split coming out through Sunday Drive Records later this month. The split will include ourselves, New Lives, and Pine, and it will be available on cassette tape. The split will be all new songs from each band and all three of us plan to do some shows together to support the split, including a split release show to be announced soon!
Any upcoming tours this year?
We plan to play as many shows as we can this year in and out of state.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
We’d like to bring something new to the music scene and capitalize on it. There will be a 90s grunge revival takeover. [CS]


Vices To Veils (Indianapolis, IN) Post-Harcore/Metalcore

Interview with Alec Harter:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We’re releasing our sophomore EP! We’ve finished pre-production and begin actual tracking for the new EP in February. We can’t give out the name just yet, but you can expect a new, very catchy, and very heavy EP in this summer.
How will this release differ from your past tracks?
The new material is going to be drastically different from our debut EP Progression. With the departure of our former guitarist, we decided to write in a totally different fashion: a much broader and more aggressive sound full of melodies.
Any upcoming tours this year?
We do have an extensive tour in the works in support of the new material. We don’t know exactly how long it will run, but we do know we’re going to hit it hard and as much as possible.
Do you have an overall goal for 2016?
Our main goal is to invade the minds of as many people as possible. We want to be heard and we’re going to be. [CS]


Victims (Streamwood, IL) Groove

Interview with Meredith Henderson:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

Victims just released a new track titled “De/tached” that will be off our upcoming full-length set to release this year. Currently, we’re finishing up another single which you can expect next month. We will be releasing more details about it in the next few weeks!
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Everyone can expect new things from this band including new music, a new full-length record, new merch to go along with that release, new tours, and just an overall good year. 2015 was kind of the year where we were trying to get things done musically, but now the process has sped up a little more, so things should be kicked into gear very shortly over these next few months.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
Victims hopes to travel a lot more, to release a brand new album, to potentially gain more new listeners, and to overall try to be different from the rest of the genre, to stand out. I really do believe with the ideas we have brewing, this new music will not be something that you would be expecting. I know so many bands say this, but hear me out. We’re trying some new things and trying our best to be different. [KL]


We Love You (Marion, IN) Emo

Interview with Travis Scriba:
Can you share any details of new music coming out this year?
We have a 4-way split with Pink Balloon Band, Ryan Kerr and Weathering. I’ve never done a 4-way split, so I’m excited. Our track on the split is called “The Light Side.” We might also have another EP in the works. We’ve already started recording. Our music is taking a somewhat of a different direction in the means of instrumentals and ambiance. The recording process for this split was great and very smooth.
Any upcoming tours this year?
I’ve been gradually developing a few different possible routes that consist of different contacts I have gained from shows and other places. Touring right now is still in the works, but it is definitely happening. We have a show in Baltimore, MD in April that we are very excited about.
Do you guys have an overall goal for 2016?
We’re aiming to play the locations that we never really have played, but have a fan base, in hopes of gaining new friends and fans. [CS]


Wicked World (Whitewater, WI) Hardcore/Death Metal/Nu-Metal

Interview with Matthew Tucholke:
Is your band releasing any new music this year? A new EP, song, or record?

We are releasing a new EP sometime near the middle of the year that we are currently writing and have that roughly halfway completed as of right now. We are very excited about it because we feel that we have grown a lot and continue to focus creating our own style.
What can everyone expect from your band this year?
Expect us to be releasing an EP that we are very proud of. Expect us to be hitting new areas as well as old ones that we have grown to love. Expect us to hopefully be finding a permanent second guitarist.
Any upcoming tours this year? If so, with who and where are you touring?
Touring is something that we are always working on and absolutely love doing. We are currently working on two tours: one in March and a long one late summer sometime that we are hoping will be with some very good friends of ours, but it’s still in the works. Either way, we will be active this year for sure.
What does your band hope to achieve in 2016?
The main goal for us is hitting some new areas that we have yet to experience. We also hope to gain momentum as a group and continue to tour and as I said, find a permanent second guitarist. We’ve have some good friends fill in for us, but obviously it’s always better to have a permanent fixture in a band. [KL]

Written by Chelsea Scofield, Lauren Van Houwe, Kelsie Lunsford

Edited by Chelsea Scofield

All photos provided by Facebook

BRPTV: Interview with Hogarth

Following the Kelsie Ring benefit show that took place last Saturday, BRP’s Chelsea Renee Scofield sat down with Montpelier’s Hogarth, a relatively new addition to east central Indiana’s music scene. Watch the interview below to find out more about Hogarth’s beginnings, the band’s musical influences and what vocalist/guitarist Trae Roberts, bassist Cj Jones and drummer Travis Scriba have in store for us next.

[Photo cred: Jay Barsha]

Filmed and edited by Jay Barsha

Interview by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Kelsie Ring Benefit Shows offer performances by Chipped Teeth, Oceans Grey, We Love You, more

This weekend, local bands and their supporters will gather for two days of shows at two different locations, but with one goal in mind: raising as much money as possible for Kelsie Ring, the victim of a devastating motorcycle accident that occurred on August 15. She currently remains in a coma, and with the inevitability of expensive medical bills, she needs the help of her local music scene.

The first of two benefit shows will take place on Friday, October 2, at the Savage Yard in Indianapolis. Kicking off at 5:30 p.m., this show will feature Hogarth, Everyone Leaves, We Love You, Dropkick, Oceans Grey, Chipped Teeth, Guilt Trip and Sermos. Admission to this show will cost $10 and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Kelsie’s recovery fund. Chipped Teeth and Hogarth will have donation boxes at their merch tables for those who would like to donate more.

The second benefit show will be on the following day, Saturday, October 3, at Cj Jones’ home, 104 W. Windsor St. in Montpelier. Starting at 5:00 p.m., the garage bash will feature Continue The Story, Tall Tales, Hogarth, We Love You and Archives. Admission to this show will also cost $10 and all funds that are raised will go to Kelsie. In addition to the funds collected from admission, Archives and Tall Tales will be donating the profits from their merch sales to the cause as well.

The fact that the show Saturday is close to where Kelsie lived and is around where all of her friends and family live is helping the draw a lot, because I know that everyone in our small community wants to help as much as they can. I’m expecting most of the people there to be people who have never been to a show before. I think that that’s a good thing, because it will hopefully make more people aware that the music scene does exist around here and is very alive, and they’ll want to start coming to shows more often and add to our scene!” said Cj Jones, showhost and bassist of Hogarth.

Local supporters are encouraged to attend both shows in an effort to raise the most money possible. Members of the bands performing are also encouraged to donate the $10 entry fee. Baked goods and other foods may be available with profits being donated to the cause.

“The show’s for an amazing cause to help an amazing person who has their entire life ahead of them. The more money raised, the better chance she has at getting the care she needs so she can live the rest of her life happily and with as little restriction as possible,” said Jones.

For those who are interested in donating but are unable to attend the show, a GoFundMe is available for anyone who would like to help out. As of today, over $1000 has been raised—that’s more than halfway to the target goal of $2000.

“It’s incredible and almost unbelievable to me that so many people, including myself, are able to raise this money for Kelsie,” said Jones.

To RSVP to Kelsie Ring Benefit Show Pt. 1, click here.
To RSVP to Kelsie Ring Benefit Show Pt. 2, click here.

To donate to Kelsie’s GoFundMe, click here.



Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Jamboree Fest 2015 offered slams, sad jams, Star Wars and “unexpected” John Cena

Jamboree Fest wrapped up a summer of excellent festivals and shows for the Indiana music scene. The event drew several bands from neighboring states such as Illinois and Michigan and others not far from their hometown. The stage sat in the midst of Montpelier’s street fair, which not only allowed for easy access to carnival food but also the perfect opportunity to scare “normal people” with a taste of the scene’s “unique” genres of music. I mean, did you see those biker dudes during Fallow Land’s set?

Although funnel cakes and abnormally large corn dogs are tempting, the most attractive aspect of this fest was its variety of musicians and genres. Fresh, new bands such as Anzio and Fallow Land played alongside some of East Central Indiana’s finest locals, including Archives and We Love You. Attendees sang along to Safe House’s classic tunes, then kicked it with bands they maybe haven’t seen or heard of before. Overall—a must-see event.

Fallow Land, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan performed an electrifying set with vocalist Whit Fineberg leading the charge. Although deceptively quiet offstage, the band had no issue capturing the audience’s attention with the first note and holding it until the last chord. If you missed Fallow Land at the fest, check ‘em out here.

Following Fallow Land was Hogarth, performing in their hometown of Montpelier. Do not underestimate this three-piece band—this musical powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with, made up of familiar music scene members Cj Jones, Trae Roberts and Travis Scriba. The audience knew what to expect before the band even took the stage—a passionate and well-executed performance fluent from one song to the next. Hogarth might be new to the scene, but it’s just a matter of time until they dominate every show lineup to come.

Shortly after, Anzio took the stage and undoubtedly gained quite a few new fans from their audience. Traveling all the way from Rockford, Illinois, the guys in Anzio play some serious music but lightened the mood by cracking a few jokes between each song. Anzio’s set was everything an attendee could ask for: Star Wars dialogue, “unexpected” John Cena and mind-blowing jams coupled with an unforgettable stage presence. As far as the lineup of bands new to the Indiana scene goes, Anzio takes the gold for the best set.

Later that day, Plans performed, and as vocalist Cody Almond perfectly summed up: “We’re the saddest band you’ve never heard of.” Originally from Indianapolis, Plans is slowly taking the scene by storm one show at a time with their depressingly addictive jams. With no Facebook page, no recordings and no merch, this band is  mystery, but a mystery we can’t get enough of. Facebook and merch aside, Plans is pulling large crowds with audience members already memorizing the lyrics to “Answering Machine.” You can bet by the time Plans’ merch is printed, it will sell out. As soon as their music is recorded, it will blow up. And as soon as the band gets on the Facebook train, we’ll all be following to see what they have in store for us next.

Jamboree offered up many talented acts, from slams to sad jams. However, the best part of the night wasn’t just the music or the brief golf cart glowstick parade (yeah, that happened), there was an even deeper underlying cause. Throughout the night, donations were raised for show host Travis Scriba and Kelsie Ring, a friend of the scene who suffered terrible injuries from a motorcycle accident. From donations, merch sales and intense games of Super Smash Bros., Hogarth and its members raised nearly $300 for Kelsie and her recovery.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can donate to Kelsie here. Don’t forget to RSVP to both benefit shows for Kelsie, coming up in October and featuring Indiana locals Sermos, We Love You, Guilt Trip, Oceans Grey, Archives and many more!

Benefit Show for Kelsie Ring PT. 1
Benefit Show for Kelsie Ring PT. 2

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Edited by Lina Olsauskas

Photo by Chelsea Renee Scofield

A Guide To The Jamboree Fest 2015 Lineup

The wait is over—Jamboree Fest is tomorrow! You know what that means: it’s time to get to know this incredible lineup. Below, BRP has collected some of the best recordings from each of the bands on this massive festival. Learn the words, come out Saturday and scream along!

Chase Huglin – “Your New Boy”

Anna Sage – “Grenada” 

We Love You – “As Long As I Die By Your Side” 

The Cambion – “The Ugly”

Dropkick – ‘Bottom Of The Food Chain’

Anzio – Sun Room Session

Laura K. Balke – “True North”

Oceans Grey – ‘Simon Says’

Safe House – “Pass The Blame”

Pink Balloon Band – ‘PBB’

Fallow Land – “Are All My Bad Decisions Rock and Roll?”

Archives – “Graveyard”

Continue the Story – “Clouded”

Krelboyne – ‘Linger || The Light Fades’

Hogarth – “Shelter”

The Kalley Brothers

To RSVP to this event, click here.

Written by Jordan Heath

Jamboree Fest 2015 to feature Chase Huglin, Safe House, Oceans Grey, more this Saturday in Montpelier

This summer has offered one impressive festival after another—from Mayhem In Muncie, to MSMFest, to Matter Fest—featuring Indiana’s finest local bands and many talented musicians from outside of the Hoosier state. This Saturday, Jamboree Fest will wrap up a summer of unforgettable festivals, taking place in Montpelier as apart of the town’s Jamboree street fair.

Located on 136 W. Huntington St., the fest will kick off at 3:00 p.m. with Kerry Gagen and wrap up at midnight with Muncie’s very own Archives. Other bands and soloists scheduled to perform include Chase Huglin, Hogarth, Safe House, Oceans Grey, Dropkick, Plans, We Love You and The Cambion. The full lineup can be seen below.

“What makes Jamboree Fest so special is that it is 100 percent DIY. I pay for all of the expenses the donations do not cover. My goal with this fest is to make it as personal as possible. I want the music to be felt on an intimate level. I believe festivals like this one or Matter Fest influences others to start playing music and follow through with ambitions. I think that they can be a big inspiration to everyone, but especially high schoolers going through rough times,” said show host and promoter Travis Scriba.

Admission to the fest will be completely free, but attendees are welcome to make donations to Scriba to assist with any expenses he paid for out of pocket.

“Festivals like these bring the scene together as a family and they are seriously the most fun I have ever had,” said Scriba. “[Jamboree Fest] is 100% free to attend so that’s a win/win situation. On top of that, the environment is so beautiful. Live music, great people, new friends and it’s in the middle of a street fair!”

To RSVP to this event, click here.

Event Schedule:
3:00 Kerry Gagen
3:30 Pink Balloon
4:00 Laura K. Balke
4:30 Chase Huglin
5:00 Fallow Land
5:30 Hogarth
6:00 Safe House
6:30 Krelboyne
7:00 Anzio
7:30 Oceans Grey
8:00 Dropkick
8:30 Plans
9:00 Anna Sage
9:30 Continue The Story
10:00 We Love You
10:30 The Cambion
11:00 Archives


Interview by Jordan Heath

Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield

Edited by Lina Olsauskas