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Krelboyne premiere darker, heavier new single— “The Beauty of Not Feeling Anything”

Central Illinois’ Krelboyne released “The Beauty of Not Feeling Anything,” a single from their upcoming EP Ghost of an Empire. The EP drops this Friday, February 3 via Error Records (Digital/CD) and Sonic Dust Records (Cassette). BRP is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the song below. Check it out and share your thoughts with us!

The single first captures you with its catchy guitar riffs and vocals that’s sure to stop Brand New fans in their tracks. The tune then keeps you listening with explosive drums, bass that won’t quit, and harsh screaming filled with raw emotion.

Bassist Tyler Day explains: “‘The Beauty of Not Feeling Anything’ is a song that has evolved a lot since we started working on it. It’s a song about unhealthy relationships with yourself and with others, which is a recurring theme on this record. Our new EP is darker, heavier, and more personal than anything we’ve put out in the past.”

If you’re interested in pre-ordering Ghost of an Empire, click here!

To accompany their release, Krelboyne will embark on a 12-date tour, kicking off on February 3 in Champaign, Illinois at Blips N Chitz. The band will perform with We Love You at The Green Room in Muncie, Indiana on February 4 and with Forever Losing Sleep at Chalk Zone in Cape May, New Jersey on February 10. The full list of tour dates are shown below.


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Written by Chelsea Scofield
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Plans premiere emotional video for “Dépaysement” (exclusive)

Following the release of the band’s debut song in November 2015, Plans are back with a music video for “Dépaysement.” The video was shot and edited by Justin Barsha, of Justin Barsha Films. BRP is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the music video below. Check it out and share your thoughts with us!

[Photo cred: Justin Barsha]


According to vocalist/guitarist Cody Almond, the song is about struggling with depression and dealing with the death of his cousin.

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“It’s the first thing people heard from us as a band. It was intended to set the stage for what we wanted, and we couldn’t be happier with it,” he said.

Almond explains: “The video was so much fun to do, especially working with Justin. He made the awkward process of a camera in your face feel easy and natural to us. He was super helpful in making sure we didn’t look uncomfortable or awkward, especially the parts where it’s just me, staring at the camera. We’d be sitting in a little, dark room with the song playing off of a camera, and I’d have to sing, full volume, to everyone. But, we were able to laugh at ourselves and enjoy it. Although we kept the mood light, Justin made sure we got the vibe of the song across, which was super important to me.

Almond shared an update about the band’s upcoming schedule, stating that their EP is finished and they are currently waiting for the master tracks.

“We’d like to throw it around to some labels, but aren’t going to put off releasing it for long because we’re label hungry. I couldn’t be more excited for it. Hopefully, a new single is to come soon,” he said.


Written by Chelsea Scofield

Photo by Justin Barsha

Plans release debut single “Dépaysement,” discuss upcoming EP, more

Indianapolis’ Plans have released their highly anticipated debut single via Bandcamp, titled “Dépaysement,” one song featured on their upcoming EP. In the midst of this excitement, BRP’s Chelsea Renee Scofield sat down with vocalist/guitarist Cody Almond to discuss the story behind the song, the band’s impending EP and much more. In addition to the interview, check out the song below and share your thoughts with us!

[Photo cred: Errick Easterday]

So, what’s the story behind the song?
It’s related to a tour that I did with my old band that took me out to visit my cousin’s grave in Texas. So it’s kind of this struggle of life/death and dealing with it. Along with my own battle with depression and suicidal thoughts as I learned to cope with loss.

What does the song title mean?
By my understanding of the word, it means ‘disorientation.’ Which I stumbled across it on some stupid Facebook post while we were recording and it just seemed to make sense with the song.

When can we expect more recorded music?
There’s a chance we’ll release another song next month and hopefully the rest of the EP by the end of the year. With the way the studio has been going, we might be postponing the final product. As much as we want to have everything released, we really want to make sure the first thing we put out sets the standards for what we hope to bring to the table. I know this is the hardest I’ve worked on anything in music and I know the rest of the guys have been stressing, sweating and pacing around just as much as me. It’s all nerves and excitement.

Your hard work absolutely shows in this single! You’ve set the bar high. But, I’m sure you’ll surpass it too, you guys never fail to impress! With that being said, what can your fans expect from the debut EP?
I really hope so [laughs]. I’m nervous about this EP because even though you can hear our roots (Don’t Call It A Comeback and Follow Me Forward), it has a sound very unique to itself. We really wanted to create something that felt new but familiar at the same time. Maybe that’s just me being crazy and playing it safe, but I’m hoping to just kind of flow into people’s lives. Something that at the core, you could swear you heard it before but yet feels completely new and exciting. But in all honesty I’m hoping people just relate and enjoy it. I tried to write a record that sounded like whatever punk rock kids do when they get a little bit older. The kinds of hopelessness that a lot of my now twenty something year old friends are starting to face. Feeling like a kid in a grown-up world. It can all be super overwhelming. Especially when you’re watching people get married, move away or even pass away. And you want to throw a fit and beat the hell out of things, but you’ve got to stay composed. It kind of creates this war in your head.

You guys have been quite the social media mystery, what’s up with that?
Too many people we knew were starting these bands and would have promos and album covers before having more than one practice. I don’t know, fuck that. We wanted it to be about the songs, not the image. We’re not cool guys. We don’t dress the part. We can’t manage to keep up with trends, but we can write some tunes. So, we started practicing. We wrote at least 15 songs to begin with, settled on six then threw the rest out and started writing again. I don’t ever want to be trendy, I just want to matter to the people who need it. Not trying to make a martyr out of ourselves, but there can just be too much focus on the wrong things. I’d rather us be common people with big dreams than a stereotype.

So, with that being said, will you guys have merch available in the future? Or would you say that goes against your previous answer?
No, for sure we’ll have shirts and all kinds of nonsense. We just wanted to make sure the music was what came first for us. Not cool promo pictures, a ton of Twitter followers and a signing with some shit label no one had heard of.

Who are your musical influences?
For me, it’s The Early November, Dangerous Summer and Brand New. The other guys pull influence from everything from Taking Back Sunday to Coldplay and The Ataris. Whatever gives us the right vibes or has inspired us to write a riff or hook.

Sweet! I remember when you guys did that cover of Brand New’s “Mix Tape” at Jamboree Fest—that was so awesome.
[Laughs] We had actually had never practiced that before. We just decided what key to do it in during the set and decided to do it. Our first show where we opened for Beartooth we played “The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows” and no one but the other bands knew the song. So we’ve been cautious of playing covers. BRP

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Written by Chelsea Renee Scofield